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WTF Is Happening in Shanghai Right Now?!

I made a video about this, I gotta credit HeweyMedia for the clips from China, I am only making this blog incase my post on Instagram gets flagged/taken down. The video is below and plenty of commentary is included by me at the end. When you watch this video, watch it with your sound ON.

Warning: This content may be extremely disturbing to some people. You can choose to look away until it's on your doorstep, or you can keep yourself in the loop to some degree, that way it won't be a shock when the next round of lockdowns that world leaders are starting to echo each other on come our way. Either way, these are human beings, and animals, going through atrocities. Yes there's good news in the world, find a balance, take this as an opportunity to practice extra optimism and gratitude today if you watch it- but for the love of God don't ignore reality.

Click play on video below. For some reason the screen is black for the first three seconds, just have a lil patience. Much love.

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