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Venus began her retrograde in the sign of Capricorn on December 19th and will remain retrograde until January 29th. This is a tremendous transit here to help us unearth our unresolved issues, or take stock of ones once gone unnoticed, in the domains of love, personal values, relationships, money, self worth and sexuality.

I remember when I did my first Venus Retrograde ceremony with a group of women. I’ve never felt so deeply affected by any single planetary retrograde in my life, so I know from experience this is not to be taken lightly- or walked into blind. One of the first things a woman said to me when we began was, “Get ready to face all the monsters in your labyrinth.” Ominous warning which I failed to heed- I had NO IDEA how much unpacked trauma I had that Venus would soon have staring me dead in the face.

I wanted to make a breakdown for what this retrograde means in general, what it means in the context of Capricorn, and then I will read for each rising sign. The reason why I use your rising sign and not your sun sign is because your rising sign is what determines the order of houses (areas of life) that this transit will be taking place for you. If we don’t have your rising, we don’t know where Capricorn falls into your chart. Your sun can be in any of your 12 houses, but your rising is always your first house, so that is how we calculate where Capricorn will be located, being that the order of the Zodiac is never changed- only where ones “starting” point is.

If you do not know your rising sign, you will need an exact time of birth and can enter it into any of the online chart generators to find out your ascendant (rising). If you do not have your time of birth, you can order a long form birth certificate through Vital Check in whatever state you were born in (if you’re in the US). I’d recommend sites like or as they are free.

What does Venus represent in the Zodiac? This planet rules over love, beauty, money, relationships, our values, sex and fertility. In a natal chart it speaks to what we are attracted to and how we attract others, what we need in our romantic partnerships, how we behave in our partnerships, and what our needs are to connect with others. It’s often a look into what someone’s love language is if you ask me. It also represents aesthetics, sensuality, and rules the Zodiac signs of Taurus and Libra. (If you have Libra or Taurus placements in your chart, those placements will be heavily activated during this time, along with any placements within the 11-25 degree range.)

What does it mean when a planet retrogrades?

Without going down a massive rabbit hole, essentially the planet is slowing down and drawing closer to earth, giving it an appearance of moving backward from our viewpoint.

What does that mean for the energy?

The energy of the planet becomes deeper. Life themes it rules over turn inward. Something I was always told by my earliest teacher was: during a retrograde period, always think of putting the word “re” in front of something, examples: Redo, retry, release, regroup. it can often be a time when old issues, people from the past, ex boyfriends or girlfriends, lessons that haven’t been learned, will come back. It’s a time to get things right, to do things over, to take stock of our lives and reevaluate if need be. If we’ve been suppressing things, they’ll likely surface for us to face. It’s a time when karma and karmic relationships return, like tests from the universe.

The reason why people tend to spaz out when planets retrograde, (mostly referencing the inner/personal planets, so Mercury Venus and Mars) is simply because the planet is expressing its energy very differently, and depending on what planet/sign/house it is and what stage of you’re at on a mental and spiritual level, it can be highly beneficial, or absolutely insane. Often it’s both.

Lets get to Venus Retrograde.

Venus is retrograde in Capricorn. Venus has already been in the sign of Capricorn (maturity, hard work, seriousness, commitment, boundaries, restriction, limits, practicality, business) since November, but the retrograde began December 19th and will last until January 29th. So already we are in the realm of looking at issues pertaining to harmony, relationships, love, beauty, money, pleasure, through the lens of getting serious about all of it and taking stock. If something isn’t working or isn’t meant for the long haul, it’s likely to fall off. This will be a time for re-evaluation of all of these things. What is stale, what is holding you back, how are things serving you? Are pleasures you partake in to your highest good, or are they blocking the way of your success? How do your relationships fit into all of those questions? Are you supported in the direction you want to go, do your aspirations for the life you want reflect in your relationships, or are you needing to untangle some anchors from around your neck? This will all come under examination, as will the solidity and practicality of our relationships, financial situations, business endeavors, where and how we find joy, etc.

Then there’s Pluto that comes into the mix. Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, will also be in Capricorn the entire time, and will make three exact conjunctions with Venus. (Exact conjunction meaning they are at the same degree, so they are affecting each other at maximum and forming their own energy together.) More on this below before I get into the 12 signs.

Two of those exact conjunction dates have already passed, they were December 11th and December 25th. The final exact pass Venus and Pluto will make with each other will be March 3rd. Its important to note this because this will speak to power dynamics and possible crisis (Pluto is power/power struggles, intensity, death, rebirth, transformation, taboo, sexual desires, obsession- can also manifest as jealousy, possessiveness, secrecy) in the context of your finances, value system, business, home life, relationships, self worth, friendships, how you want to love and be loved, all under the lens of Capricorn: whats working and what isn't, whats practical for the long haul and for your highest good and what isn't. Hardworking Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, Father Time, and does not like to waste it- nor does it have patience for ones who want to waste theirs.

There is no time for child’s play here, and with Pluto and Venus being so close together, whether at an exact conjunction or simply within the same sign, any unresolved issues that need your attention, whether you want to look at them or not, are likely to come up. All of this needs to be confronted and acknowledged, stuffing it down is the worst thing you can do. You will not be able to get away with that during this time. However, we often see explosions or intense displays of anger or passion (Pluto-intensity) when mixed with Venus, and dealing with conflicts or structures (Capricorn) that aren’t working. Fighting is not advised, assertion and boundaries are...however... I’ve already had myself a few fights this retrograde period and we just got started, so I should take my own advice 😆

Lets get into the readings for the 12 signs. Again, I am going off of rising sign, because I’ll be speaking to you from where Capricorn falls in your chart. These will be general reads, as I don't have every person who reads this blogs chart in front of me, so I can’t speak to how it’ll aspect everything else in your chart, especially if you have other planets in these houses like I do. (Example: this retrograde is taking place in my 5th house, where my natal neptune, Uranus and Saturn are, so I’ll have to look at having Venus and Pluto on top of all that and how all that energy is going to play off of each other, and how it’ll aspect all of my other placements.)

If you want an in depth Venus Retrograde reading for your personal chart, contact me at to set something up. Now, let’s get into it!

Aries Rising- Venus will be retrograde in your 10th house of career, public role and reputation. Is your chosen career path aligning with your values? Are you being paid enough? Do you feel supported and seen? Are there issues with abuses of power in this realm for you? Do you need to change your line of work, or step into a higher position? Do you feel like you’re living your purpose or just going through the motions? Watch what you do here, the 10th house is at the most visible point in the chart, hence it representing public reputation, your behaviors will not go unnoticed during this time. You could encounter power struggles with authorities or collaborators in your field.

Taurus Rising- Venus will be retrograding through your 9th house of travel, philosophy, higher education and foreign affairs, long distances/foreign countries, our vision for the future, expanding our minds, our horizons. Do you need to branch out? Are you stuck? Is it time to go back to school and learn a new trade? Don’t be surprised if a prospect for a long distance relationship comes up, or an ex that moved away gets in contact with you. You might have people that you met in your early career or college come back into the picture if that was a path you chose. Overall, your relations to the above areas covered in the 9th house will be under the spotlight. Getting a higher knowledge/wisdom in some area of your life you’ve been needing clarity on will be paramount. Venus also rules Taurus, so you’ll be feeling this transit even more, especially if your rising sign is between 11 and 25 degrees. Don’t be surprised if any 1st house themes come into play too (that would be the house of self, identity, self expression, physical body, appearance, outward projection into the world and how you perceive the world, etc.)

Gemini Rising- This will be taking place in your 8th house of shared resources, inheritances, mental anguish, death and loss. This house is typically ruled by Scorpio so themes surrounding sex can come up here as well. This is a shadowy area, things hidden, with Pluto in the house of its ruled sign (scorpio) that energy is going to be extra. This is an area of the chart where vulnerability will be called for because you will likely be facing themes related to trauma. Relations with anyone you collaborate or share resources with, or any issues around grief/loss will be highlighted for you here. Best advice is to open up and share with a trusted person, which is so much easier said than done, but its the way through. This is going to look like a lot of shadow work for you. Remember our shadow wants to be heard and integrated, not shoved down. It is only when we ignore the shadow that the nasty side of us comes out and we have outbursts or destructive behaviors that we can’t control.

Cancer Rising- This will be taking place in your 7th house of committed relationships, so fitting for the Venus Retrograde. I will also mention the 7th house deals in open enemies, litigations, any kind of legal issues or things pertaining to justice, as well as contracts and marriage. This is a favorable place to have these transits in my opinion as this house deals with commitment (Capricorn) relationships (Venus) and then you’ll have the opportunity to transform those things (Pluto). If you’re single, your belief system of what you are worth and how you deserve to be treated in regards to who you allow in your life may come under examination, or maybe your ideals for what you look for in a future partner may come under focus. If you’re in a relationship, the structure of that will be tested. Do you guys still hold the same values? Are you growing in the same direction? On the same page? Does something need to be addressed thats been brewing silently in the background to where it’s now the elephant in the room? How do you show up in your committed partnerships? Are you giving what you’d like to receive, or do you have some fears around commitment that need to be addressed? Does your love need to be renewed, or does it need to be released? How do you want to be loved? If you’ve got any secrets in this arena, don’t count on them staying that way.

Leo Rising- This will be taking place in your 6th house of work, routine, health, exercise, diet, coworkers/employees. Are your eating habits good? Do you have something you’ve left untreated, like a pain or strange symptoms that need to get checked out? Are there power struggles at work? Does something need to be revised in that area? Is it time to quit your day job, or just get another one? Are you satisfied in these areas? Do you have a lack of structure when it comes to a routine, or are you too rigid and need a change? Are your relationships interfering with what you’d like your routine to look like, are they interfering with your work life or affecting your health in a way that needs to change? Are they supportive of the life you’re trying to create? This house also speaks to self care and sacrifice. Make sure you aren’t giving too much. If you have been, boundaries will need to be set, make sure your physical body is being taken care of and you’re getting enough rest and proper food and exercise. If you give too much it can easily lead to resentment, and during this time that’ll likely lead to an explosion.

Virgo Rising- This is taking place in your 5th house of Creativity, Family, Children and Sex. This is a good opportunity to purge pain and frustrations you may have into creative projects. How are the relationships when it comes to creative collaborators, are people wasting your time, are you wasting theirs, do things need to be leveled up, or have you outgrown them? Since we’re also dealing with sex, and this house does speak to romance as well, definitely be prepared for exes to come back. I’m a Virgo rising and I’ve already had it happen multiple times. Examine your value systems when it comes to your own family if you have one, relationships with your kids may come under construction or extra tension/pressure, and you may find yourself changing your approach to how you view sex. Maybe you want to get more exploratory with it and feel like you’ve been holding back, or maybe you feel you’ve been too open with it for your liking and want to start looking for something more serious, as opposed to those one night stands. Also, if you’re in a dynamic where its “friends with benefits” and one of you doesn’t have feelings but the other does, this is likely to surface now, as the Capricorn energy of wanting commitment will be washing over this. For any creatives out there who have heavy hearts right now, nows a great time to be cranking out poetry or music about lost loves or broken hearts, or it may look like a new perspective on your worth that you find through creative endeavors. You may be looking into how to monetize your crafts. Family planning and any issues surrounding fertility may arise here.

Libra Rising- This is taking place in your 4th house of home life/living situation. I’ll just leave it at this: Hows that working out? Do you need to find a different one, or find one in general? Are you considering moving in with a partner? Is living with the partner you have not working? Think practically, your home is your sanctuary. Venus wants harmony, Capricorn wants maturity and commitment, Pluto is intense as hell (no pun intended with it being lord of the underworld) so pressure will be applied. Possible home crisis or secrets coming to life. Venus also rules Libra, so you’ll be feeling this transit even moreso, especially if your ascendant is between 11 and 25 degrees. If thats the case, don’t be surprised if 1st house issues come into play (that would be the house of self, identity, self expression, physical body, appearance, outward projection into the world and how you perceive the world, etc.)

Scorpio Rising- This retrograde is taking place in your 3rd house of communication, siblings, neighbors. Biggest emphasis here though is on communication for you. Scorpio is known for secrecy so this will be a time for you to air out whatever is on your chest, which is going to feel like baptizing a cat, but you’ll know what it is you need to say. It’ll likely scare the shit out of you, and whatever scares you most, thats exactly the thing you need to express. With Pluto here, your chart’s ruler, you might feel more comfortable or empowered, but dont let it be the reason why you get comfortable slipping back into the depths and keeping things hidden again. If you’ve had your eye on someone, maybe its time to shoot your shot. If you’ve got got a relationship that isn’t working, or you’ve been staying quiet on something as to not make waves, its time to stop with that. Look to where your natal Venus is in regards to how you need to love and be loved if you need assistance, but typically with retrogrades, things are shoved in your face, so you may not have that problem. SPEAK THE TRUTH! Do not hide.

Sagitarius Rising- This retrograde is taking place in your second house of material possessions, money, values and valuables. That doesn’t necessarily have to mean money, but tangible things that matter to you and you place value on. This is right in line with Venus so it should be pretty focused, the second house typically belongs to Taurus which is ruled by Venus so thats why. This again will be asking you to address any elephant in the room, or if you’ve been stalling on something, it’s time to make a decision. Values are under the spotlight here, how do you want to move forward and how do your relationships and money play into that? We did just have an eclipse season in Sagittarius so you are not new to the energy of transformation, this is a continuation and new road on that journey. Also, be wary of the urge to spend money needlessly. Retrogrades are often times of restrictions, especially with Capricorn in the mix, and Venus deals in pleasure and money, as does the house this falls into for you. Be mindful of those impulses.

Capricorn Rising- This retrograde is taking place in your first house, the house of SELF. This is your physical body, your identity, your outward persona or mask that you present to the world, your appearance, style, self expression, individuality, how you perceive the world and how the world perceives you. This can be a very challenging area but also very rewarding area to have a Venus Retrograde with such a heavy Plutonian influence on it. It may be brutal. Could speak to an identity crisis. Or maybe you need to work on how you are showing up for yourself, advocating for yourself, presenting yourself. Maybe those things are worth exploring and changing for you. However, avoid doing anything too drastic to your appearance like shaving half your head until the retrograde is over. Let things percolate for a while.

Aquarius Rising- this is taking place in your 12th house. Well, this should be interesting. The 12th house is the house of karma, dreams, subconscious, hidden enemies, things unseen, it also deals in hospitals, jails, drugs, death, endings. It’s the final place of the Zodiac wheel and its typically ruled by Neptune, so think in those terms if that helps when thinking of the 12th house. What demons do you need to face? What self sabotaging behaviors do you need to face in your relationships or dealings with money or your own self worth? If this is going on in your 12th house, likely it’ll be shown to you, just be open to it, its an opportunity to clear some karma and you wont have this chance again for a number of years, as Venus only retrogrades every 18 months. It’ll be a number of years before she comes back around to your 12th house. This is big opportunity to level up but it’ll come with the price tag of having to face some heavy stuff, but you can do it. Utilize creative outlets if you need to, as Pisces is the sign that corresponds to the 12th house (ruled by Neptune which rules over music and all things creative.) Your dreams may be really activated during this time, so keeping a dream journal may be a good idea. If you receive any messages, keep a journal by your bed so you can write them down right away as they tend to leave the memory pretty quick. This is a house of escapism, so watch for addictions. Healthy escapism is what we’re looking for, so some sort of hobby or activity that isn’t going to have negative consequences for you is key.

Pisces Rising- This will be taking place in your 11th house of community, friends, hopes and dreams. This house also represents politics and technology, the internet/social media. In regards to relationships, you may find a situation of something you thought was in the friend-zone turning into something more. Other things to consider are: do you feel supported in your community and does it reflect your values? How are you relating to your community at large, and how are you contending with your aspirations? Do you need to revisit a goal you once had that you gave up on, or a project you never finished? A dream you once denied yourself that is calling you back? Are your relationships supportive of this, or are you dealing with dead weight? When it comes to finding joy and harmony, pay attention to your community and the company you keep. The community and hopes/dreams aren’t paired together by accident, think of that famous quote “show me your friends and I’ll show you your future”. Keep in mind, Capricorn wants to get to the mountain top. But be careful with Pluto’s influence in egoic pursuits, you can step on toes and it can blow up in your face, or you could be neglecting relations with others if you become self obsessed. Balance, collaborations, networking is key, and relationships are your greatest currency. Speaking of currency, new streams of income are possible here too, especially if it has to do with some sort of online business venture. Possible that your political values could change or heat up or need some sort of revision if you’re an activist, maybe you want to reexamine how you present yourself to the world at large on social media and whether or not thats lining up with your highest good. Do you need to rebrand and redirect, or do you need a hiatus to regroup and pay more attention to nourishing or forging relationships around you? Remember with Pluto/Venus conjunctions, they can speak to power struggles and crisis, you may find yourself having to assert yourself in a group or take your power back in some way. Watch for arguments/trolling on social media.

Alright everybody, I hope you enjoyed and got something out of this, let me know how things are going for you and again, if you’d like a personal reading for your Venus Retrograde, or if you’re interesting in booking a full in-depth natal chart reading, you can contact me at or find me on Instagram @Tesstamona.

Talk soon and hold tight, Venus retrogrades are never easy, just remember it will end in about a month from when I’m publishing this. But the journey must be taken. As the woman from my first ceremony told me, “are you ready to face the monsters in your labyrinth?” This process isn’t easy, but its designed to progress you forward, just remember sometimes our greatest improvements come at the price tag of deep discomfort and pain, so if that arises for you, I encourage you to allow it to move through and out of you. Remember that pressure makes diamonds and you have the power to alchemize all of your agony into anything you want. Much love.

-Tess Bergin, AKA Tesstamona

Singer, Songwriter, Astrology Practitioner and Writer

Feel like playing some tunes or watching some music videos? Here's where you can find all of my released content. XO

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