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This Blog Is Now A PODCAST!

I have been wanting to start a podcast for a long time, and let's be real, people listen/watch more than they read, so as of today, The Great Silencing Podcast w/Tesstamona: Episode 1 is now READY! Here is the first episode, for right now I have it on YouTube only, but when I get back from the Permaculture event out at SOE next week, I will be setting up my Podcast through a distribution site, and it will then be placed on all podcast streaming platforms, from Odyssey to Spotify to Apple to Podbean to all of the things!

Music update: if you're in my music telegram you got to hear this song already, but for everyone else, my new song ALIEN TUMBLEWEED comes out August 19th! More on that later, for now, enjoy the first episode of The Great Silencing Podcast, recorded post-thunderstorm on the Leo new moon, where I get into the story behind "The Great Silencing", how things have shifted since I've been in Tennessee, preparedness, community building, music, spirituality, addiction, recovery, being "red pilled" at 16, a few weird pandemic stories, living to be of service to the world, and the pursuit of truth.

If you're a YouTube person, please subscribe to my channel, as once an account hits a certain amount of subscribers they are able to monetize their channel and get paid for their content - a whopping $0.0013 per view (hey, better than nothing!) It also enables us to do live superchats and unlocks a lot of other features, so it does help tremendously. Much love!

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