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MASS PSYCHOSIS: "The World Is A Psych Ward"

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

What do you see when you look out your window? A mass psychosis, or business as usual?

Hint: if it’s “business as usual”, you’re either part of the psychosis-or you live in in a place like Florida.

Around these parts though, we’re nothing like Florida. Most are hysteria junkies in the cult of fear, ready to burn this place to the ground at a seconds notice.

Those of us who see through it have to move differently now, as to not set off the hive on some lord of the flies shit. But we’re getting to the point where we’ve had enough. It’s hard telling if I’ll be eastbound and the fuck out by the time shit hits the fan, or if I’ll be living right in the middle of it again. At least it won’t be my first time. Better odds for me, not so much for the "that would never happen here" crowd.

What is this shit we’re so tired of? We're tired of a tyrannical government finessing you motherfuckers like a high caliber pimp.

They’ve got you where they can get busted for insane amounts of corruption right in your face, whether it be them on trial in senate hearings, leaked emails, literal confessions on video, etc., but you get deny what is right before your eyes and get angry like you’ve got Stockholm syndrome, like these are Gods you must defend. You make up excuses for their behavior that not even they’ve resorted to using! The jig is up and you’re behind schedule, but when someone is too far gone, conversation is impossible. I’ve stopped trying.

There is an unbelievable aversion to anything that doesn’t validate the GREAT LIE of being “safe” and “one of the good guys”, because surely, if anything contrary to what one has been digesting as gospel were true, their compliance would at best be in vain, and at worst, leading to the demise of not only themselves, but humanity as we know it.

I’ll just go ahead and link a nice little video regarding Mass Psychosis, how it is induced on a population, what it looks like when its in effect, maybe you can tell me if it sounds familiar. Its a quick one, but if you're a fan of the works of Carl Jung you’ll appreciate this even more. I’ll link it below and then I'll really go in with what I'm about to say.

So here’s what we’re tired of. We’re tired of you going absolutely fucking nuts over a virus with a 99% survival rate when you’re fully vaccinated and boosted. We’re tired of getting blamed for rising covid cases when 1.) It is public knowledge that vaccines have no effect over transmission rates, meaning a vaxxed peprson and an unvaxxed person can both still pass covid. If you’re vaxxed and operating under the belief that you cant get it, but get it anyway, and maybe the vax does help with lessening symptoms so you think youve only got a cold, your ass is gonna be the one spreading it around to everyone, not an unvaccinated person who would jump to thinking it would be covid and get tested (in theory). But do you see any of us calling you super spreaders and wishing death on you? No, because we aren’t sociopaths. If you don't believe me about the topic of transmission, here's what Dr. Jerome Kim of the International Vaccine Institute says. Of course he talks about masking and distancing and needing vaccines and boosters. But the point in this video is that he outright says "we've yet to discover how to use vaccines to prevent transmission." Here you go. Scroll down for more after you watch it.

Back to what I was initially saying: the vaxxed person is not guaranteed to not get covid either. I’ve seen my fair share of people contract covid in the last year since the vaccines have been available. More than half of these people were fully vaccinated. Its was a close tie, if I could guess I’d say 60% vaxxed 40% unvaxxed. (I live in an area with a high vaccination rate though, which is probably why I’m seeing more vaxxed than unvaxxed get sick. And yes, some have been hospitalized too, so this line of bullshit went from “you can't get it” to “you can get it but you’ll have mild or no symptoms’ to “it reduces risk of hospitalization and death” to “you need a booster every 6 months, the protection wanes.”) Are you seeing how the goalpost is constantly moving?

Look at Florida. No masks, no vax mandates, alternative treatments like monoclonal antibodies available. Their cases are lower than Californias are right now, and California has a higher vaccination rate (Florida comes in at 72% of population, California at 80%.) It's truly business as usual there and has been for a very long time. What’s California doing? Well, in San Francisco and Los Angeles, theres vaccine passports in place. On November 4th, Los Angeles County passed a bill stating you can’t enter any public building besides a grocery store or church without proof of vaccination. Its required for jobs and schools as well, now for kids 5 and up, shit don’t get me started on the kids aspect of this. Holy fuck. Now, whether or not a business decides to adhere to these policies/mandates (mandates are not laws, but it gets tricky because the government can still fine you, they just cant arrest you, so you risk going bankrupt if you’re not a big business, however you risk losing a ton of customers if you discriminate on who you’ll serve) is up to them. Many of them are adhering to these mandates, but not all of them. I salute you motherfuckers, the ones who refuse to go along with this insanity. You will not be forgotten, as will not the ones who upheld segregation, medical discrimination, and tyranny. Think I’m being dramatic? This shit starts slow and quickly escalates. Just look into the Quarantine Camps they’re forcibly putting people into in Australia right now. Australia has astronomically low numbers of covid cases, yet people are being removed from their homes and placed in these facilities for something as simple as being reported to having been in contact with someone who tested positive. Is this reminding you of anything yet? How much more in your face does it need to be? Likely when we’re long past the point of no return.

What else are we super fucking over? The non stop death threats/death wishes from the liberal left, who are anything but liberal. You guys are truly closet fascists. Most of you are too dumb to know it. It appears that true liberalism is dead. It was a great idea, but its long since been warped and weaponized. I don't personally align myself with any political party, but Jesus Christ I want to avoid those people like the plague. I realize not all liberals are like this, but you know who I'm talking about. There are lanes of extremism in every political camp in this country.

Let one more motherfucker tell me they hope I die for not taking the vaccine so I cant vote in the next election- let one more person wish homelessness and starvation for me because every job around here asks me to take a novel mRNA “vaccine” that was only approved for use in humans (mRNA) in 2020, the vax was rushed to the public in 8 months, its still in clinical trial phase III until April of 2023, the largest pusher (Pfizer) is responsible for the largest criminal lawsuit in US History (In 2009 they had to pay $2.3 Billion for hiding evidence of adverse reactions to their products, misrepresenting them, and bribing doctors) oh and who else are the giant pushers? Johnson and Johnson, they rank #2 in the United States for largest criminal lawsuit, theirs was $2.2 billion. Moderna? Clean record. Why? The Covid vaccine is their only fucking commercial product. They just became a company in 2010. They have other products, but they are in experimental phases and not available to the public.

Ok lets take this fraction of the tip of the iceberg here- the fact that THAT PRODUCT, an irreversible medical experiment, is MANDATED in order for me to have a job, go to school, or enter many if not most public spaces (depending on what city/country I'm in), all for a fucking enhanced flu virus (that we helped create in the Wuhan institute of Virology using gain of function research) with a 99% survival rate- THAT IS BATSHIT INSANE. If you want to take the vax, take the vax. No judgment here. But you wanna tell me I have to do it or I cant survive? That I can’t ask questions and I must comply? (Which is literally the opposite of how science works by the way) God will not help you with the wrath that is to come for complying with something so fucking foul, you are no different than a Nazi.

Let me be very clear on that last statement. I am NOT calling vaccinated people Nazi's. I have tons of friends and family that are vaccinated and do not wish death on unvaccinated people, they made the decision that felt like the best choice to them- or they were forced into taking it to keep their job and are pissed as fuck about it. Regardless, I am not talking about them. I'm referring to the individuals who are advocating for mandates of the vaccine in order to participate in society. That is coercion which is a violation of the Nuremberg Code, but i'll let you go down that rabbit hole yourself if you don't already know.

I don't care about your stance on the fucking vax itself. Mandating them for an entire population, when there is no long term data available regarding side effects, and its still in its trial phases, is the problem. Of course you have people that will not go along with it. Now the government tells you that you still cant get back to your “normal life” (its never coming back BTW) is because of the unvaccinated. Who took it away in the first place? Who is telling you they have the power to give and take away? Those are the people you should be mad at you absolute lunatics. This is such a flawless implementation of divide and conquer, honestly I'm impressed.

Who is to blame? Yall keep missing the mark…

Of course you don’t blame the people who are implementing these mandates, shutting down the economy, telling you to abide by rules that they themselves get busted for not abiding by all the time. If this was really about health don't you think they'd be following the rules they set when they think the cameras are off? Of course not! You’re blaming the ones who refuse to participate in this mass psychosis. Why? Because your government has given you an enemy in order to camouflage itself. Its the most effective way to wage war on a society and gain control. You could go in and outright assault them like we typically associate with what war looks like, or you could pin them against each other and let them destroy themselves. Much easier. Much more effective.

If only everyone would get vaccinated….. THEN we could get back to normal. Well first off, thats not going to fucking happen, ever. Second off, if the vaccines work, then get back to your life, you're fine! If they don't work, hey man, life's a risk, keep your immune system up, eat well, exercise, get vitamin D, take care of your mental and physical health. Why haven't we been preaching any of that during a fucking pandemic by the way? Taking care of our health? Diet? Exercise? Vitamins? Addressing the obesity problem in America which is a massively correlated factor to those who have died from covid? No, just wait for a drug that either you, your insurance or your government (aka your tax dollars) are gonna pay for. Just do that. Stay inside and go nuts until then. 🙄 Have you enjoyed the massive uptick in domestic violence, drug overdoses, suicides and mental health problems associated with that? You really think these crooks give a fuck about you and your health? Then why the fuck isn't healthcare already free or at the very least affordable? Why is there poison in our food and water? Why are we the most pharmaceutically drugged up nation on the planet?

What is the motive, truly, behind everyone in power?

The almighty dollar. Or in other words, more power.

Your life may matter to you, to your loved ones, but it doesn’t fucking matter to them. You are only useful if you are in need, because that makes you a customer. Healthy people aren’t in need of their treatments. Sick people are. You must be kept sick in order for them to be in business. Thats the way it is. This goes for more than just covid, this goes for everything, from heart disease to mental illness. We are symptom and treatment based in western medicine, we are not looking at root causes of how these problems are occurring. Western medicine is great for shit like acute injuries, surgeries, emergencies, all that shit. I'm not knocking it, but I am saying it has been corrupted and it is flawed.

So we’re tired. We’re tired of not being able to participate in life, we’re tired of watching people we love lose their shit and take every word the TV says as gospel and become terrified of us because we don’t match their hysteria or beliefs, we’re tired of being blamed for a pandemic that government scientists are responsible for, we’re tired of the death threats, tired of the constant fear mongering, lack of jobs, being told we have to wear a mask that in Anthony Fauci’s 2000+ page email leak were said to be ineffective (have you not paid attention to the flood of leaked photos of politicians who are never wearing masks, and its always the ones who are mandating masks for all the citizens in the states they govern?) at first I didnt give a shit about the mask, but I do now for two reasons. One, im participating and contributing my energy to the mass psychosis. Two, theres no consistent science behind it, there are mask mandate areas in the US that have more covid cases than unmasked ones, so what the fuck? Fauci himself said they didnt work-just not while gazing at you through your TV screen. These things that we have access to are not N95s, they're like pieces of paper, or as South Park loves to coin them, “Chin Diapers”, and I DO NOT WANT TO BREATHE IN RECYCLED AIR ALL FUCKING DAY. You wanna talk about health? You realize your lungs are detoxifying your body through your breath, right? Do you live in one of those dipshit ass states where you will get thrown out of a gym if youre not masked while you're exercising, sweating and panting? I sure do! That is so bad for you. So disgusting. Not to mention all the dead skin, bacteria in the air, from you, from others, sweat, etc. that gets trapped in that fabric and you just keeeeeeep on breathing that shit in, all day long. Im not trying to huff that shit all day to potentially avoid a virus that in all likelihood will not result in loss of life for me or anyone else I come into contact with, but if I do get it and do die, guess what, everyone dies. Thats part of life. Safety is an illusion. This “life” you're screaming so much about to where you're wiling to essentially stop living to protect it, how the fuck is that any life worth fighting for at all?

I realize people have died. I am not denying the existence of this virus. I know people who have been unbelievably sick and hospitalized for weeks. If one of my parents got it, I'd be flipped out. But does me being vaccinated protect them? No, because the vaccine does not prevent transmission, as seen with our own two eyes in actual life experience (watching our vaccinated friends/family get sick all year) and as stated in the video above.

Hope you enjoyed the video on mass psychosis and were actually able to see some shit. Study the rise of the third reich while you're at it, look at the similarities there. Its kinda already happening in Australia and by kinda I mean literally. No gas chambers, but being detained against your will with no due process, thats happening. Thats the definition of an internment camp, detainment with no due process. Here's the exact definition: "Internment is the imprisonment of people, commonly in large groups, without charges[1] or intent to file charges.[2]"

Just start paying attention and giving a shit maybe? Might be a lost cause. For those who are with the shits, please understand you are far from alone even though you might be surrounded by people on complete autopilot, and I understand how maddening that can be. I understand how absolutely heartbreaking that can be, when your loved ones turn on you because of a fucking political agenda. They want to scream and act like its about health- its not. You have a higher risk of having an adverse reaction to the vaccine than you do dying from covid (unless you're old or obese or immunocompromised, but thats literally the case with any fucking disease)- and thats just in the short term. There are NO LONG TERM STUDIES. THERE ARE NO TOXICOLOGY STUDIES. NO CARCINOGENIC STUDIES. NOTHING. Why? The studies are still happening- we are the data. Those of us who choose to not participate are the control group.

Depending on where you live, you cant even go inside a fucking Starbucks without showing your PAPERS. in some countries you cant go inside a grocery store. In some countries youre back on lockdown if youre not vaxxed. In some countries youre in a fucking internment camp. And in some places, youre completely fine, youre free, you can work a job, you can go into a place of business, you can go to school, you can walk outside, you can exercise at a gym, you can do whatever you want. Thats the goal for me right now. Stacking my money, as hard as it is to scrounge up right now, so I can move out east. The west coast is no place for me anymore, although its all ive ever known as far as “home”. But between Oregon and California being batshit out of their minds politically, no fucking thanks. plus cost of living is through the roof and wages are low as shit. Is it too much to ask to just leave me the fuck alone and let me live my life, or do those under this hypnosis, this mass psychosis, insist on playing god with every last one of us until we’re all just like them? By then there will be another reason to have more restrictions, more fear, more lockdowns.

Maybe war. Maybe climate. Maybe supply chain issues. Maybe a civil war. Who knows. I might sound crazy now, but I sounded crazy at the beginning of the pandemic when I called all this shit off rip, and now what used to be "conspiracy" is reality. So check back in a year or two if the grids still up. You might find yourself viewing a time as insane as this as "the good old days". Scary shit huh? I feel like that about the very start of the pandemic. Oh, the good old days, where for a few seconds I actually thought this was gonna be temporary, not two years with politicians like Kate Brown (Gov of Oregon) talking about making mask mandates permanent- what? Do we have bodies out here in the street bitch? Coming to you from the same lady who was photographed at a party recently unmasked, but her publicity team thought it'd be cute to dress her up in a face mask that looked like a Christmas tree ornament to remind you all not to breathe and fear your relatives this year again.

The most dangerous thing you can do is turn on your fellow man. When people snap and all hell breaks loose, understand the system you once relied on to protect you (EMTs, cops) are no longer there to help you, thanks to defunding and also firing those who didn't want to participate in the trials. The loved ones you have - many of you are in for a rude awakening at how fast they will crumble under that type of pressure. Once that shit cracks off theres no telling when it’ll end. Its terrifying. You do not want that. I promise you all the validation in the world from your virtue signaling will not save you or make any of that worth whats to come.

Know that if you're attacking your fellows, and wishing death on them, you’re not “one of the good guys”, and if you have people divided up in teams of good vs bad, you’re playing into one of the oldest political tricks in the book - divide and conquer.

A lot of you would benefit from reading Sun Tzu’s “the art of war”, most businessmen and politicians are well versed in that shit.

I'll end with this: I do not wish death on ANYONE. Even though I come off as an asshole in this entry and probably in others, my greatest wish is for all of us to turn toward love and unity. I'm also human though, and I'm pissed off and honestly sad, because regardless of your stance, all of our lives as we knew it were stolen. And instead of taking it back, we're punishing each other for it. That is far more dangerous than any virus- the total mass psychosis, division and deterioration of society and life as we knew it.

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