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The Ghislaine Maxwell Trial

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

…Is a fucking joke. Did we actually expect the truth though? We hoped… but I think it’s time to wake up to the world we live in. This trial is a SHOW. This is not about getting the girls justice, this is making sure it looks like Maxwell went through due process, while making sure the majority of identities on that flight log never see the light of day. But let me just recap on the trial so far. I’m going to start by mentioning a very important name and it’ll make sense why I feel the way I do about the trial, other than the obvious blatant censorship and total lack of useful information anywhere you look.

Virginia Roberts-Giuffre: the most vocal of Epstein’s accusers/victims, and the one you can see both on video and in pictures with Prince Andrew, (she is currently suing him for sexual assault), was deliberately left out of the Ghislaine Maxwell trial by choice of the prosecution.


The prosecution chose four girls to take the stand, one of which was of legal age when she met Epstein and Maxwell, and whose testimony (by instruction of the judge) is not to be viewed by the jury as evidence of a crime, but rather to establish a pattern of behavior. There were way more victims than 4 or 5, why the hell did they need to pull one that was of legal age and barely does shit for the prosecution? They could have established the pattern and proven a crime with someone who was NOT of age. I understand there have been…issues…in calling certain witnesses. We’re not dumb we know how that goes. But leaving out Virginia?

I know the mainstream’s narrative for why they left her out, it’s a bunch of bullshit. Lets just get into the suspect shit right now:

  1. The majority of names on all flight logs were redacted (blacked out, erased) when submitted into evidence for this trial. How in the fuck is that okay? That would NEVER happen in any other trial. Imagine who they are protecting- who has the type of power to literally put a gag order on the FAA and not give a federal court the actual evidence? Who redacted those names? Pay attention to who the players are in this trial, both on the side of the prosecution, the defense, and the judge herself. Damn sure not to be trusted if it means incriminating their own circle.

  2. Why is Virginia Roberts Giuffre not taking the stand? News articles were quoted (this came from The Independent) saying “One theory is that they felt including testimony from Ms Giuffre may complicate the case with extra actors, jurisdictions, and other details, rather than sticking to a more straightforward narrative that lays out criminal wrongdoing.” The letters in bold were my doing, not the article. I wanted to emphasize that. Thats basically code for people and information they want to protect. Celebrities, politicians, religious leaders, world leaders, billionaires, we’re literally dealing with the people who run the world… so I guess why the fuck expect an honest trial when they can literally buy all the actors in the trial. This is a circus. Still wildly underreported, oh yeah one thing about that..

  3. As soon as Jack Dorsey, former CEO of twitter stepped down, (on the first day of the Maxwell trial no less), and Parag Agrawal took his place, a few days later the twitter account (“twitter tracker”) for the Ghislaine Maxwell trial, with over half a million followers gained in I believe under two weeks, was shut down-BY TWITTER. That account was covering the trial to a greater degree than any other media outlet, thats where everyone was flocking to get the news on this shit.

  4. The prosecution is starting to sound like controlled opposition to me. My biggest reason? They just rested their case after only 10 days. They were allotted and expected to take SIX WEEKS, which would have been a total of 30 days in court. Why would they do that? They’re going to call 4 victims, one of which the judge instructed the jury not to consider as a crime (so she is not a victim in the eyes of the law) because she was of legal age, and they didn’t call Virginia Roberts-Giuffre. Epstein’s second pilot that they did call to the stand testified that he personally flew Virginia on the Lolita Express (Epstein’s plane) “more than 30 times”. (Source on that is The Independent). And that was only ONE of the pilots. If she flew more than 30 times just with one guy in particular, if he’s even giving an accurate number, imagine how many people she saw. I mean shit here she is with Prince Andrew as a teenager, with Maxwell standing in the background:

Who are the players in this trial? I’m not going to dig into every single person, as all of that information is one google search away from you, but I want to comment on the Judge, Alison Nathan.

Obama appointed her to the Federal Courts in 2011. She’s got some good stuff on her record, but here’s where shit gets weird. One week before the start of the Ghislaine Maxwell trial, she was nominated to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, one step away from being on the Supreme Court. That seems like great timing. What in the fuck. Why? “The White House announcement (to nominate Alison Nathan) came a day after Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) said he recommended her for the seat to White House.”

Source: Bloomberg Law -

So yeah, President Biden made that call at a very interesting time..that wouldn't make her vulnerable to maybe being incentivized to please a group of people who are now offering her an incredible opportunity in her career now would it?

Lets just all agree that nominating the Judge in the most high profile child sex trafficking case in modern history for a massive career upgrade, one week before the trial, is a little fucking weird. Especially when we know that such great lengths have been gone to to hide the identities of passengers on that flight, even though President Trump and Clinton were both name dropped as people who flew on that plane (in the testimony of Epstein’s first pilot on day 2 of the trial).

We know high profile politicians flew on that plane. We know billionaires did. We even know Bill Gates did (see reasons why Melinda publicly claimed she wanted a divorce- said she had been trying to get one for multiple reasons, one of them being her objection to his friendship with Epstein.)

And as far as people who just knew them, but we don’t have evidence they were involved in anything criminal, I mean damn man if you are reading this blog from clicking the link in my instagram, you saw that slideshow of all those pictures of Ghislaine/Epstein and all those famous people. Elon Musk was even photographed with her. Even fkng Princess Diana! What the hell? How deep does this shit go? And I’m not saying all of those people were INVOLVED in pedophilia/sexual assaults or sex trafficking, but they were absolutely associated with people who were doing that shit. Were they aware? Is this type of behavior just commonplace in elite circles? How much do we, the common person, not know? How utterly clueless ignorant and stupid are we to these people?

The media is controlled, and barely reporting shit. No one can get inside the court room to record anything so we’re not seeing it on video like we were able to with the Rittenhouse trial (even still people argued about that, but that was usually people who didn’t watch the trial and just read clickbait headlines and news commentary and let talking heads form their opinions, which is a huge problem in this country but thats another rant, or see last post regarding mass psychosis) but damn. Basically what that says is, hey, you’re nominated to damn near be at the Supreme Court. You’re the judge presiding over this case, you're controlling it. (We think its the jury, but the judge is allowed to strike evidence or testimony down at any time and instruct the jury not to base their conclusion on it, juries have less power than you think, and ultimately it's gonna be “do what you gotta do to control those fuckin people, this is your trial” its gonna be on her head and she knows it, so she knows what the conclusion needs to be.) So play ball, and you can have everything. Sometimes its more effective to bribe or bait someone with fulfillment of a dream, than it is to threaten them with losing something.

It’s just a possibility, but you’d have to be an idiot not to consider it. Its not a coincidence. At all. What would be the favorable outcome in this situation? Eh… Ghislaine just going down for all of it basically and everyone being like “okay cool justice was served” and turning away from it, and then Ghislaine not being granted any further appeals if she tries to snitch anyone out. I think she knows better than that, being who she mixed with her whole life and her dad being a Mossad agent among other things, however, people are people and everyone has their breaking point. I mean look at what happened in the El Chapo trial. You had drug kingpins from all over the place ratting each other out to get time cut off sentences they were already serving. You’d expect them of all people to know better… but no. Everyone has a breaking point. So what, would it work out best if they gave her some life sentence and then suicided her? (By that I mean kill her but call it a suicide like they did Epstein) because then they’d have the perfect reason. Oh, the wealthy socialite couldn't bare to live in rotten prison conditions for the rest of her life, she had to end it all. Oh, her husband had already moved on to some other woman while her trial was ongoing (thats actually true by the way), she couldn’t bare it, bla bla bla. Thats one option.

What would be the other? I mean they can’t let her go, can they? Americans would freak out…. but lets be real. Lets take a fucking temperature check on us. We’d freak out for about a week. Then the media would sweep in with another scandal, what would it be, a new variant? White cop shoots unarmed black man? Supply chain issues? War with Russia? Climate change and natural disasters? Some scandal in Hollywood? A political stunt? More restrictions and lockdowns? There are SO many ways to get everyone to look the other way, because at the end of the day, whether its Ghislaine Maxwell or just some random person on the street, people do not like looking at situations of sexual abuse. They turn the other cheek. I know this to be true from personal experience. It’s too uncomfortable for them. Most people cannot bare the weight to just entertain the thought that their leaders, favorite celebs, religious figures, etc. might all be, or at least associated with, pedophiles. One, because its insanely disturbing and a shock to your system if you aren’t already aware of the vile corruption that has a vice grip on this entire fucking planet, but two, because of the feeling of powerlessness that accompanies it. Because truly, there is NOTHING you can do.

It would take literally every American citizen to unite (look at us, that idea is laughable) be brave (fuckin seriously?) and all physically mobilize, be prepared for whatever, not break formation, and single mindedly aim for total disruption of business as usual until we see the names on those flight logs. But that will never happen. Even if it did, get ready to lose a lot of lives because if they cant control you they’ll kill you, so violence would likely erupt. I’d be there for it for sure, thats an honorable hill to die on in my opinion, better than dying of heart disease because you ate garbage ass food and never moved from the couch your entire fkng life.

But it wont happen because we are so addicted to comfort, so addicted to pleasures, so addicted to escapism, and we are so overwhelmed as a collective right now. There is never good news. Its always covid this, vaccine that, restrictions, inflation, jobs, addiction, mental illness, in-fighting, politics, fear mongering and race baiting media, everyone is in a guarded state whether they realize it or not, because there is so much flying at them every day that it becomes too much and they just need to tune out and focus on how the fuck they’re going to feed themselves and their kids and keep the lights on this month, which is very real, and also fair. It is also by design.

If the population is too overwhelmed and burdened, not only by life conditions, but also information/media, they can’t fight back. They’re paralyzed. I’m not saying I’m happy about it, I definitely empathize with being in survival mode thats for damn sure, shits fucked up right now. Mad fucked up. Im writing this the night before I go into surgery, worried about money because if I don't do the one job I'm able to do without being vaccinated Im fucked (it's not a job that offers paid sick time and it also doesn't pay great anyway), trying to get my life back after everything went off the rails when the pandemic hit, trying to get the fuck out of the city i'm in, not knowing how imma get the money I need to not only move but to just be able to even afford to use my heat this winter because prices of everything have gone up so high, and my former fiancé and first love/love of my life just died about two months ago, and im also stressed out about music shit and dealing with mental health stuff, and obv physical problems too hence the surgery, so shit bitch im overwhelmed too.

But this shit right here, I cannot look away. I cant be obsessed either, but I cannot look away. However, I do not have children I have to feed. Its just me. If I had kids, different ballgame. Its hard enough being in my situation, so many are. Then adding kids on top of that? And the shit they’re having to experience right now in society as it is, in a world gone mad, seemingly worsening by the day? I dont know how yall parents do it but my hats are off to you. I talked to one guy today, he’s got a young kid. We were talking about how its hard to have a kid in these times. He told me, “I just make sure we’re going out and doing fun things every day.” he cant control the world, but he can do everything in his power to make sure his kid laughs and smiles every day. He can provide for his kid and go spend quality time and do cool stuff and just live in the moment, because whether youre 6 or 60, we all need that.

MY POINT BEING: the American public isn't going to do shit. We’re just not. We aren't even standing up for kids getting coaxed into getting vaxxed with pizza and prizes at their schools and being able to do so without having fucking parental consent (in some states). Thats insane. Theres no riots over that!? If we aren't willing to take to the streets for our kids then we’re fuckin punks. Hopefully that’ll change, but hope is a dangerous thing. We need bravery.

This may not be our fight. Maybe it has to get worse before people fucking wake up, organize and mobilize. Maybe our takeaway is that we can learn more by the silence and the lack of information than anything else… that this is so much bigger than we can even fathom and we can likely rightfully assume everyone who is in any position of power is in some form or another connected to shit like this. Our answer as a people is going to be getting back to basics, connecting with both our shadow and light, and unifying first within ourselves, then with each other, THEN we have the power to start trying to change things- im not saying we’ll be successful ever, but right now we dont stand a shred of a chance.

If we want a chance, its gonna be a fight, but more has to come and we must all learn our lessons to integrate and unify before anything can happen. So maybe thats the moral of this fuckin story I dont know. The defense begins their case tomorrow. I doubt i’ll be paying attention as I’ll be recovering from this medical procedure but who knows maybe the anesthesia will ware off hella fast and I’ll get a burst of energy, I dont know how im gonna feel. We’ll see how they handle shit. It’ll be ruthless, we can count on that. I don’t know if Ghislaine will walk… if she does, she’ll have to either go into hiding or someone will likely kill her- she cant be part of public society ever again. I’m sure they’ll tare the victims apart on the stand and it’ll be some spectacle and she’ll get found guilty, and likely die in prison quickly. Or if she walks, doubtful but IF, she’ll get killed even quicker. Thats my prediction. I think the only thing that matters truly to them is not justice for these women who were once young girls, its protecting the identities of the abusers and their associates. These are people who run the world, you think they cant sway a fucking courtroom? They own the damn courts.

Alright thats enough outta me, gotta get rested up and what not for tomorrow. ANYONE with information breaking on this case please do contact me, you can comment on this blog or email me through this website. Also, I did start a telegram channel two nights ago, you can join it here:

You can also message me on instagram @tesstamona (music/main account).


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EDIT: I just found a page on instagram that is the new trial tracker for this case. Link to their page is and i would highly suggest it. They have access to the flight manifests from 1995-2013 (obviously not all names are on there due to the redactions, lotta blank rows im seeing, i see some names here and there though) but I haven't had the chance to go through it all- its looking like 107 pages, DiscIaimer/common sense: I cannot verify where they obtained these documents. But look into it. I literally just found it two seconds ago and wanted to come edit this blog to include that resource immediately.

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