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Sovereignty of the Spirit

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

Sovereignty - What does it mean? Let's take a trip down our soul's memory lane...

Step off the chessboard. Create something new. Doors you couldn’t imagine will open when we step into our sovereignty.

All throughout our lives, we are told to look for happiness and success in life literally EVERYWHERE except within ourselves- and we wonder why so many die with regrets, or live with a sense of perpetual emptiness.

I’m sure some are familiar with this....

“Go to school. Get the degree. Get the career. Get the girl. Get the guy. Get married. Have kids. Make money, have some sort of position of power/prestige, “BE SOMEBODY”, seek wealth- not for the purpose of freedom, but for status…


find it in drugs, find it in material, get attention, get the accolades, get the recognition, get the followers—its always FIND. Its always GET.

What about what the fuck we already have?

I can hear the excuses being made in peoples heads now. I’m not talking about material things when I say “what we have”. I’m talking about your SPIRIT. Yes, this still applies even if you’re living in a violent ass neighborhood where you can’t go outside half the time because of it, barely holding on financially, half the time go to bed hungry, and theres roaches and black mold everywhere (I’m being specific here because that used to be my situation) - there is opportunity everywhere we are to tap into the well of infinite knowing within us. It cannot be explained, it has to be experienced. Often times, it is easier to access when in times of crisis or darkness than when everything seems to be smooth sailing.

It’s funny thinking back on that roach den I used to live in… I have a weird nostalgia for it. I did a deep dive into another world through music and meditation, because the 3D world around me was insanity. Those nights, alone, with music, connecting on a real level with another human, or smoking on a hidden balcony and hearing the flash grenades, gun shots, sirens, choppers and shit… there was just something about it.

I didn’t like it, but part of me knew a time would come in the future when I’d look back on it and miss it. I wasn’t wrong. I got closer to myself, I grew, I experienced things that can’t be put into words, because there aren’t words for them.

When we were kids, we knew who we were. We just happened to incarnate into a world that treats us like products on a fucking conveyor belt and smashes us into shapes that leave no room for originality… and then the game begins.

Many of us who come from abusive or traumatic backgrounds don’t have memories of this as a child- I’m one of those people. But I have little flashes of memories here and there where I’d take off into the woods alone. No fears whatsoever, just one with the planet, in the silence of the forest, by myself. That was peace to me. I was a hell of a lot more balanced and in my natural, sovereign state in those moments than most grown adults I knew at that time.

That is not meant to bash anyone, they all had their own war going on inside. They had the same bullshit inflicted on them. They didn’t know who they were either, they were playing out a role this matrix told them to, with everyone around them enforcing it, regardless of how dysfunctional it was. When "it" didn’t do what it was supposed to do, (make you feel like you’d arrived or some shit), they'd go into a tailspin. The cycle repeats. I see it all over the place, and have fallen into the trap many times myself.

Ever see a wild animal feel threatened, and proceed to absolutely wreck shit in response? That’s what eventually happens when you “do what you’re told” in this world, thinking you’ll get your reward, and then you realize— the whole things a fucking lie. Thats why people have “mid-life crises”, because they realize somethings not working. They just can’t understand what it is.

Add that to the non-stop pressures from the world, the constant assault of programming, propaganda, deterioration of community and family systems, poison in the food, air, water, endless prescriptions for every illness that causes, which in turn often lead to more problems— how is someone supposed to come through the other side of that?!

It’s absolutely possible, but I completely understand when it doesn’t work out for someone. It’s brutal. In my case, it has taken decades to see what I do now, and this is something I’ve been searching for my whole life. This world has never made sense to me. Thats why I always like “end of days” or post-apocalyptic movies. I love horror and weird sci-fi stuff where everything is fucked and the characters are only focused on one thing- survival. That seems more natural to me than the hologram rat race I see around me. One is authentic, the other is the furthest thing from it- people just doing what they are told without question.

THERE IS A SOLUTION! This is no doom and gloom post my friends. Not everyone is with it, which is fine. Some people love the matrix. They’re built for it and I have no desire to separate them from it. I have no desire to change anyones mind or “wake anyone up”. We’re all here having our own experiences, who am I to tell someone else what theirs should look like? I am only responsible for mine.

Whatever is occurring in this world is occurring. Thats facts. Whether you want to buy into every last word of it, or write it all off as a psyop, I don’t care. The ship is going down in the most hysterical, calculated, lord of the flies fashion, and some people live for that energy. I’ll pass.

But I didn’t used to pass. Once upon a time I bought into it. Then I began to fight it, and everyone who embodied it. Where did that get me? Fuckin' nowhere.

A new option presented itself:

-You can stay and comply. (Obviously no)

-You can fight what’s happening, and what’s coming (I'd been doing that since I was 16, before it was cool, when you had to keep your identity on the low and meet in random peoples houses!)


-You can fuckin dip. You can look at the situation from a birds eye view. You can analyze your dependencies and vulnerabilities on a crumbling system that doesn’t see you as anything beyond a “useless eater”. (Look into those keywords, they are not mine.)

We are all from a Creator, and we in turn are all Creators. Energy can be manipulated and changed. Thoughts. Actions. Cells in the body. Even your own genetics (look into epigenetics, I’d suggest Dr. Joe Dispenza- check out his book “Becoming Supernatural” and all the research he has to back EVERY single claim.)

And as someone told me recently, “its not too late to boycott”.

It’s not too late to start a new community. It’s not too late to start a new life. It’s not too late to get to know yourself, because as many shackles as there are around this world, there are far more around our psyches.

Those must be addressed first if we want to affect any change in the world. Otherwise, we’re just bumping around, driven by emotion and unhealed wounds, getting our personal ball and chain entangled with other people in the same condition- congratulations, you just found an anchor to wear around your neck- AKA a toxic ass relationship, or in todays society, a relationship.

When we remember who we are, when we show up for ourselves, when we tune in, when we sharpen intuition, when we meditate, when we align with the earths rhythms and energies, when we expose ourselves to the elements, when we sit in silence, when we become still, everything we are seeking will come.

I cannot deliver it in words. It is something every individual has to experience, and repeatedly. This process ends when The Reaper comes to get you, thats your finish line. Until then, walk on.

There is hope. There are so many people walking this path. The path to healing, the path to remembering who they are, returning to their energetic creative beautiful undomesticated selves, their SOVEREIGN selves.

They are building communities. They are exiting the system. They are learning what we have forgotten. They are healing their minds, bodies and spirits. They are expressing who they are. They are overcoming what they thought they never could. And if the time comes when we go full mad max and society does crumble, and you find yourself looking for one of those communities where there are “other survivors”, they’ll be there. They’ve already begun building. And regardless of who you were in the old world, you will be welcomed into the new.

Everyone, to varying degrees, is under a spell. Some are under hundreds. Some, on the contrary, have a degree of clarity I can’t even wrap my mind around. You might hate people like that now, people who want no part in this weird pharma-tech-NWO globalist shitshow. You might think they’re crazy. They don’t care. They don’t hold it against you. Odds are, they might have held the same opinions once. And if shit goes south and you find yourself needing their help, I’d imagine they’d help you without you needing to prove some sort of status, no- you’re a human being, and we are all energetically connected as a family- that's enough.

You’re already enough.

When it comes to off-grid living, self sustainability, spiritual, emotional and financial sovereignty, a peaceful community that’s found their own ways to survive together - scratch that - THRIVE together- just know they’re out there.

You can begin that process within you, and according to the laws of the universe I’ve experienced play out, if you don’t know people like that yet, but want to, you will find each other. You must embody the energy because we attract what we are. That’s the solution I’m talking about. And it’s already happening. You are not as trapped and alone as you think you are… if you are one of the millions of humans on this planet that are reciting that narrative. I had been for decades, so no shade. The feelings are real, we just often miss solutions that are right in front of us, because we become so entrenched in the stories we loop in our minds about what we think the world is, cursing ourselves daily without knowing it.

We are all alchemists with amnesia. Some say we are gods with amnesia. Whatever we are, it’s time to remember. One thing’s for sure, we are absolutely creators in this life, all of us. For years I did not know this, and I created hell in my life. That’s not to say really horrific shit didn’t happen that I had no part in or control over, but I developed a certain perception of the world because of it, and constantly repeated those memories, those experiences, those beliefs stemming from those experiences, over and over and over in my mind… and all I was doing was cementing that shit into a constructed reality (prison), instead of releasing it.

And it showed.

It showed in the type of situations and people I’d not only attract into my life, but that I’d be attracted to. It showed in my inner dialogue in my head all day long, how vicious it was, how angry it was, how scared it was, how sad it was, how doubtful, how paranoid. It led to many bad things that I know some people are still not ready to have the conversation on- even though these things are occurring every day on the planet. (I’m referring to suicide attempts, and having years of your life where you can’t shake the feeling of wanting to die on a daily basis.) It also led to me being such a ball of rage that I burned relationships to the ground, went to jail because I snapped, the list of wreckage I’ve caused is longer than a CVS receipt- I’ll tell you that much.

But I am not that person today, and that is by conscious choice.

I remember one time talking to a man who was a guide/mentor in my life, in the context of the spiritual realm let’s say. I was flipping out and hopeless as fuck, and I said “Well what the fuck am I supposed to do, it’s not like it's as easy as can snapping my fingers and saying OKAY MY LIFE'S BETTER NOW EVERYTHING'S FKNG PERFECT!”

Without missing a beat, his answer was “Thats exactly how easy it is.”

I didn’t get it then. I still needed a few more years of bashing my head into the wall apparently. And no, I’ve not snapped my fingers and immediately received some “perfect life”. It’s important to tally the fuck up and get REAL about your situation, to the point of pain- because you need to see things for what they are. That discomfort we all run from in the form of excuses, avoidance, attention/pleasure seeking, drugs, alcohol, whatever keeps us distracted, that discomfort is what holds our freedom out of that cycle we find ourselves constantly trying to escape.

Once you see things clearly, you cannot unsee it. It is only by having the EXPERIENCE, that you can get the type of motivation, and creative inspiration and intuitive knowing, to change your life. When I started changing the way I spoke, both to myself and others, and paid extra attention to my inner dialogue, everything changed. I had no idea my own mind had so much power.

I do not know what that road looks like for you. I am taking steps day by day seeing what it looks like for me, and when I see it, no matter how much of a risk it is, or how scary it looks, I jump. It’s better than where I was.

Leap, and the net will appear. By that I don’t mean someone’s gonna come rescue you, I mean the universe has a weird way of taking care of people who are willing to shed everything they know and plunge into the unknown.

Astronauts of the abyss.

You will be afraid. That’s okay. Feelings are different than intuition. It’s important to learn the difference. It’s okay to be terrified as fuck, do the thing anyway. That’s how you grow. There is nothing more lethal and corrosive to the human spirit than a comfort zone.

If you’re miserable and have been for years, trust me I understand that like a motherfucker, but even that is a comfort zone- because it’s familiar.

Something needs to change, and it needs to be big. I don’t know what it is for you, I only discovered what it was for me- and it wasn’t just ONE THING either. But I did have to basically etch-a-sketch my entire life. Which is fine- the shit I left behind- I will never miss. Old paradigms, old routines, old places, old ways of doing things, old thought patterns, yeah, they’re old for a reason. Bye. They do not exist. I only keep them alive if I choose to entertain them in my mind. The only thing that is real is the eternal moment.

We do need to heal from our past traumas, yes, and we do need to tend to any health issues of any kind we’re experiencing, absolutely, but we integrate/alchemize these things and they become assets. They do not need to be labels, cages and death sentences that follow us around for life.

I want to share one last thing that mentor I was telling you about told me:

“We have minds that operate out of logic, but the Universe is not logic. The Universe is magic. When you try to use logic, you kill the magic.”

Yes, take the right actions, yes, be intentional, yes get clear on your vision, but as far as the outcome or how its going to happen, leave room for the universe to open some doors.

He is living proof of that, and so am I. When you are aligned with your purpose, the universe responds to whatever frequency you’re on, and doors open. Opportunities pop up. Those things that "come out of nowhere" that you normally never thought you’d do- do all of those things 😉 normal is over.

We have a blank page. Everything is shifting and changing on this planet. Old ways won’t work. We have to start going about things very differently, even if we have never done it and have no idea what the fuck we’re doing. Just do it- how are you supposed to know what you’re doing if you haven’t done it before? That's how you learn motherfucker!

I know it’s hard, but the mind can change. Just as it was conditioned to limit us, it can be deprogrammed and at our disposal to create magic and heaven in our individual and collective realities.

Alright, that’s enough outta me. I’m gonna enjoy this thunderstorm. Goodnight. - Red Pill IG - Music IG - Red Pill Telegram - Music / Behind the Scenes Telegram - Tesstamona on Spotify 🎶 - Tesstamona Merch!

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