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My Experience In The Synanon Child Abuse Cult - CEDU. (Part 1)

Updated: May 19, 2022

Update on the Documentary in the works regarding the Synanon-backed “child abuse cult“ a.k.a. CEDU - a facility I was placed in as a child. This is only an update for those in my telegram, if you're reading this on my blog, this is my first time writing about it:

I spoke to the Director of the documentary today who recently reached out to me to be interviewed. She was also a “student“ (or detainee? whatever the fuck you want to call us) at that “school”. She will be traveling to my city this summer for an on camera interview.

I will admit, part of me is a bit scared to further research the true origins of that place. It’s one of the times in my life that I have talk about the least, because when you are in an environment like that for such a long period of time, even if they can’t “break” you, their mind control tactics greatly affect you-- even into adulthood. So you stay quiet, because you ask yourself, “who the fuck would even believe this?”

She gave me some information that I did not know, and I finally found out what the acronym of the school stood for. It’s the initials of the man who founded this program, but we were lied to about that because of the controversy surrounding him. Why? Oh, he started rehab centers that forced patients to take part in mass sterilization programs, separated mothers from their newborn children, beat escapees nearly to death, tried to kill anyone who investigated them, the list goes on (article at bottom of blog for more information).

His name was Charles E Dederich. CEDU stood for Charles E Dederich “University”. The “University” piece is weird to me, as this program was only for youth between the ages of 11 and 18, once you were no longer a minor they couldn’t legally keep you there.. although I do remember an 18-year-old girl who was so brainwashed by that program that she actually chose to stay.

Stockholm syndrome.

Their strategies were tactics used in the 1950s to attempt to cure heroin addicts, by mentally breaking them through “attack therapy” then rebuilding them into “remodeled people“, but the program was quickly axed as it caused immense damage. The irony is that I wound up becoming a heroin addict after I got out of this facility 🤣 I’ve been sober for over 12 years now though, so I am not writing this to you with that poison in my veins 💀

Regardless, they decided to use their tactics as a form of behavior modification on children, ranging from outright attacks to psychological manipulation, isolation, not allowing you to smile, laugh, make eye contact or speak, not allowing you to eat if you looked hungry while standing in line during meal time, threatening to send you into the woods for weeks at a time by yourself if you got out of line (which they did), and more sinister things in my view, like force-feeding us phsychiatric medications that are now blacklisted for anyone under 18 because they lead to an increase in suicide attempts. I had two suicide attempts when I was inside that facility and being fed those drugs.

None of the people giving us those drugs were medical professionals, or had any credentials whatsoever. If they didn’t like your behavior, you got drugged every day- with no diagnosis or monitoring of side effects.

What I came to find out after I was released from this place when it shut down (it couldn’t keep up with the amount of child abuse lawsuits it was losing) was that none of the staff were required to have a background in anything pertaining to social work, therapy, addiction or trauma. You could’ve spent your whole life working at Walmart and gotten a job there as a “counselor“.

Oh and the training required? It was just one day. Then they let you loose on a population of kids who were largely kidnapped out of their homes in the middle of the night by “escort services“, thrown into locked cars and dropped off at this place, a remote location at the top of Big Bear Mountain in Running Springs, California.

Just felt like sharing that now, there will be more to come, especially when the documentary comes out. When I am in a less-hectic headspace (still adjusting to my new life in a new city, and working on two albums at the moment,) I will share any information I gather here. It would be easier to do if it was objective research, meaning something I hadn’t personally experienced, but because I actually went through it, seeing their true intentions and realizing it wasn’t “all our fault“ or “all in our heads” and it actually wasn’t right to do that to children… having that veil lifted is pretty fucking intense. I don’t know that I ever processed that experience when I got out, I got hooked on hard drugs after I was released and was off and running. The following years were a blur.

The film's Director told me a lot of students she tried contacting for interviews had since committed suicide or died from overdoses. I personally know some who have. She posed the question, “Would everybody who went down that path once they got out of that “facility” have still done that, were it not for that place?” I’ve never asked myself that question, as I was already going through a lot beforehand, but part of me wishes that since I was already living on my own at the age of 14, that I would have never fallen for the trap my family set for me by going to their home “just to talk”, only to be ambushed and “escorted“ the fuck out, put in the back of a locked vehicle and shipped 2000 miles south for an indefinite period of time. One can wonder, but I don’t like putting too much focus on shit I can’t change. It already happened.

I’ll end with saying that these “schools” still exist. There is no documentary out for CEDU yet, that’s the one that I’m about to be interviewed for, but if you want to know about a school/cult very similar to it, there’s one called “The Group”. I have a friend who was sent there. I will link the documentary below if you want to get an idea of what these “schools” are like. They get taken out one by one but they keep popping back up. There are still children in these facilities as we speak.

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