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Music and Free Speech on the Rebunked Podcast!

It was an honor to sit down for nearly two hours with Portland Hip-Hop artist RhymeWave and Rebunked Podcast host Scott Armstrong! All three of us being native Oregonians, one of us (me) having just moved to Tennessee, Scott soon to be headed this way, the conversation happened at the most perfect, spur of the moment time.

We talk all things music, red pill, conspiracy realities, and how we're using our artistry to navigate through these times, and the idea of creating a new way of living, building a new community, instead of fighting against what is already well in full-swing. We cover a whole lot, so I'm going to leave you to it. The video version can be found on the infowars platform, the link to that is here; and if you want the audio only episode, you can find that everywhere from Spotify to iTunes to Amazon to Apple- anywhere you get your podcasts! I'll include the spotify link here because why not ;-)

Much love to you all. I felt so uplifted after this conversation. So much change is happening since I took the 5 day, 9 state, 2 speeding ticket drive from my hometown in Oregon to my new home in Nashville. I have much to update you on, and I have not forgotten about the Pfizer data either. Right now I've got a bunch of

music to record tonight so I'm going to get to that, then I will be back. There is so much to talk about- the biggest transformations in my life in the last 8 days haven't just been relocating 2000 miles, it's been one of a deep spiritual shift, and that is still currently in process.

Before I moved, I asked myself, "What if it's really going to be okay? What if you experience something so good, something you've never known before in your life! What if it goes down like that? What if all your fears are false?"

So far, I was pretty on the money with that. The universe has a magic to it that cannot be described with words, but there is no reason that one's life has to be in an endless loop of struggle. I don't know if I said it in a blog here or a social media post in regards to this process, but I did say it, and I'll say it again: Survival season is over. It's time to thrive.


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