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Lessons From The Reaper (Video Inside)

LESSONS FROM THE REAPER- Vlog from a few nights ago: Smeared mascara from tears, coming to you from the altar space, this is real talk, uncut, 100%. If you’ve lost someone, or feel like you’ve lost yourself, struggled with addiction, PTSD, this is for you. This is the first time really getting into mine and Dylan’s backstory, if you’ve been watching the BTS music vlogs on my YouTube channel, you know why.


Swipe for some snippets, full video is way longer. Excuse the nasally voice, thought I was getting over being sick when I recorded this- took a turn for the worse yesterday, might be MIA for a bit 🤣


This is a call to everyone, to remember who they are- gods with amnesia- beings of love- who incarnated right here, right now, for a reason. We are here to remember, and we are here to serve a purpose. I said a lot here. I hope it serves you. Lessons from the Reaper, it’s funny how death is the best teacher for how you’re meant to live.


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