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Leaked 1991 Rockefeller Speech, Operation Mockingbird & More

Our media has been part of this longer than most of us have been alive. “The greatest weapon in war is deception.” Remember Sun Tzu’s words from The Art of War, they remain at play to this day.

Look into the CIA’s Operation Mockingbird if you haven’t already- this video was released in 1991 and Rockefeller admits the media had been on board with them in their meetings for 40 years at THAT time- which would line up directly with the birth of Operation Mockingbird which reportedly began in 1950—

Just a heads up, Operation Mockingbird is NOT the same as PROJECT mockingbird. *Operation* Mockingbird uses the media as a propaganda weapon to influence foreign and domestic affairs…whereas *Project* Mockingbird was the wiretapping of journalists for a few months in 1963 to try and track government intel leaks.

You can find declassified documents for PROJECT mockingbird online, but you cannot for OPERATION mockingbird. Likely because the Operation hasn’t been discontinued.

However, there is a lot of information out there on it, just not straight from the CIA, (except one mention of it in the declassified PROJECT MB files) but it’s enough for you to understand what it is. You can find some of that information in my Telegram now at or you can check out

Aside from that, all one needs to do is open their eyes or turn on the TV to watch it unfold- but don’t watch it like an unconscious consumer, watch it from a detached & analytical space. Notice how every network reads from the same script. Notice how your friends/loved ones repeat that script when those talking points are brought up- like mockingbirds- word for word.

If you’re wondering why ppl who used to “seem normal” now act like Pavlovian dogs with Stockholm Syndrome, you’ll find some answers there.


In a few days I'll be leaving Tennessee and headed to Texas for FloteFest 2022- a freedom festival/gathering of truth seekers and like minds- I'll be gone for about a week. When I'm back in Tennessee, aside from being busy as fuuuuuckin hell with everything else like securing permanent housing, music stuff, money makings, etc. I will have to make a decision regarding the Pfizer data breakdown. I've began my writing already, but with how much data Pfizer released and how much writing it's going to be to break everything down, I have to decide if blog form is best, or if I need to switch my medium up and make videos/even start a podcast at this point. I love doing the blog, I love my burner account on IG, I love telegram, but with todays society, people have a hard time sitting there reading mass amounts of information on a screen. Easier in mini-doc format or audio it seems.

So if that's the case, there will be some developments that i'll keep you updated on, but this is not something I take lightly. I already know that people wanted me to do a breakdown of the data (I'll be covering more as well, as other "developments" have now unearthed themselves around this fucking thing) for the fact that its all medical jargon that needs to be researched, and going through over 55,000 pages of data is insanely overwhelming to anyone- imagine how much more information that's going to be when it's not consolidated in medical jargon. I'm a person of my word and definitely willing to do this, and it needs to be done, but I also want to make sure its effective and I'm not wasting my energy by dumping insane amount of information in a way that is hard for people to digest, if that makes sense.

Other than that, Tennessee is dope as fuck, new music on the way, a whole new life has manifested and continues to do so, be good to each other and I'll be in touch. Please to subscribe to my telegram channels for updates, or subscribe to my email list to get updated if you don't want to download Telegram. - this blog's telegram - music and real talk vlogs (my cross country move was vlogged on this channel only) - sign up to the email list here if you don't want telegram. I only send out emails when new content is out, no spamming!


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