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How To Dodge Some Bullets: Artificial Breastmilk, Food Shortages, Gas & "Smart Cities"

Food & Baby Formula Shortages, Gas, The Billionaires Who Funded Artificial Breastmilk & Smart Cities- Why It's Happening & How They’re Connected:

I’m going to make this brief, I’m not trying to black pill anyone (overwhelm) because it is easy to do. I did that to myself when I was writing this late last night.

I spent some time reflecting afterwards- how did I just have this incredible day and night, completely in “The Flow” of the universe, and now I’m scattered, almost in a panic and can’t figure out which way to go?

So let’s not do that.

I've attached resources for everything I mention here, as I want to have things as solution based, and some of the information (especially regarding smart cities, if you read the original document I attached) is highly disturbing. But for every problem, there is a solution.

Before I get into this, I’m adding the most recent podcast episode from The Free Thought Project that addresses avoiding the "black pill" pitfall and talks about Exit & Build strategies, as well as living in the solution- “less complaining more creating”. I found it helpful and I love Jason’s (TFTP Founder) work, whether written or podcast. Listen here👇

Alright, let's talk about the food situation real quick. We know the big picture solution- BUILD RELATIONSHIPS TO BUILD COMMUNITIES. Share and navigate resources. Hunt for the solution to a greater degree than you fear or investigate the problem. (Awareness is key or you won't know what solutions to create, but don't get lost in the dark.)

For those of us who experienced some of the worst of 2020's insanity in this country, that fear can be strong, we know what it’s like when an inner city loses its shit and the freeway exits get blocked off so no one can get out. We know death, we know violence, we know mass panic and riots, we know what it is to be trapped- and we likely also know how to escape, but you can't run forever.

For those of us who aren't willing to deal with that shit again, we can do this together.

But time is of the essence. 56 food processing plants have been destroyed in the last 4 1/2 months. I’m sure you’ve already been noticing shortages at both grocery stores and restaurants. If you want a video to watch someone go through literally every incident, here it is: (Blog continued below the video.)

I was having dinner with a friend last night and he ordered a mushroom burger. It came out with no mushrooms, and the waitress said, “sorry, we’re out, we can’t even order them right now. We’re out of tons of things that we can’t order anymore.” They can’t order them because their suppliers do not have them. The next morning he texted me, he was having breakfast at a different restaurant. Same situation.

But if you’re paying attention you already know this. I was at a grocery store on the outskirts of the city I live in, and half the shelves were bare. When the grocery stores were hit at the beginning of the pandemic, I had to leave the city and drive to the outskirts to get food. Sometimes you’d have to drive two hours away. So it’s a bit alarming to see it happening on the outskirts first for round 2 of this. Less people will notice in that case, until it’s too late- when shit runs out in the larger areas there won’t be those places on the outskirts to run to. And when things start running out in the cities, that takes maybe an hour at most until everything is gone and chaos ensues. I'm not speculating here, I've experienced it first hand.

People are already bulk buying on the internet as well, when I looked at emergency food kit supplies/freeze dried meals, many websites were sold out.

These shortages are manufactured; understand in order for their Build BACK Better plan to work, society has to be destroyed- otherwise what is there to build *BACK* from? In order for their Great Reset to take place, things need to be SO bad that the population has to be on board with what they want to do. They need people begging for their reset, and many will. But things have to get worse first- panic is necessary for them. Not too fast, but fast enough to get you in a position where one day you wake up and can’t find food.

When that happens, survival mode kicks in, and you won’t be able to notice what else they’re doing.

So when someone asks why, and thinks it doesn't make sense to the "agenda"- it makes perfect sense. They have to have destruction to build their vision.

But I think we've had enough of their shit already to come together and build our own vision.

I'll get back to food when we address smart cities, but real quick let's touch on the oil/gas situation:

A few days ago, the Biden administration shut down oil/gas operations in Alaska. Did anyone else notice a massive jump in gas prices overnight? Again, I saw the largest increase in the outskirts/country vs city, which is what disturbed me more. In the country it went up an entire dollar. In the city, it went up 50 cents.

They target rural areas because it pushes everyone into what will be “smart cities” where AI reigns and the people are slaves on some breadcrumb UBI shit (universal basic income)- but only if you’re behaving yourself of course.

When I say smart cities, I'm referring to tightly packed poisoned 5G blasting, CV (Computer Vision) having, Vertical Farming (nanotech vaccinated food) slums for "the people", where they can "own nothing and be happy". There's much more information on Smart Cities that I'd need to do an entirely different blog on if you wanted more information from me personally- it's a massive rabbit hole to go down. Look into Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars. Good starting point. Here's a link where the original document is available plus a transcription, since the original document is really hard to read on a computer (scanned images from the 1950s on a tyepwriter) -

If you want to print out the original document, go here

If you need a refresh on the video I had on my telegram ( doing a quick breakdown of our food supply's new direction regarding vertical farming and smart cities, here it is: (Blog continued below video)

Cities = dependency, rural areas/country = independence. I know it can be hard to transition, especially if you make your living in the city. I'm in that situation myself. There's still a way to at least partially exit, and when things snap, you can take the one foot that was in the door out, as you already have the other leg to stand on.

If you're not someone with a lot of wealth already, I relate/understand how it's easy to think "getting off grid is impossible because how would I afford land, etc." I would refer you to the podcast I shared at the beginning of this blog as they discuss that, but there are people coming together in real time and going in on land with their combined resources. There are a few other strategies as well, but this is why we aren't doing this alone. It's much easier when you have multiple income pots/connections, versus being someone who has to magically save up all that money before they can make a move- and right now, unless you are a high earner, you don't have that kind of time.

Plus, with living expenses sky high and wages low as shit, how the hell are you supposed to save THAT much? You can save some for sure, I'm not saying it's completely hopeless, but you don't have 10+ years to make this happen anymore. So I'd direct you to Jack Spirko, who has a lot of resources/knowledge to show you how to do this. Check him out at

Depending on where you live, there are fully operational intentional living communities that have been going strong for a long time, so you might find one you click with that you can join as well. You can also hit up and search your area. The link to their telegram group where resources can be found by state (and other countries) is available there as well. If you are not already on telegram you need to be- you gotta join these channels and group chats, people will reach back if you reach out.

Another resource for intentional living communities/cohousing/people looking for help on their own homesteads (so you'd be staying there too if thats what you wanted) go to (ic = intentional community)

Wrapping up with food shortages: they have to stomp out our ability to be self-sustaining for their agenda to work, that's why this is happening. By self-sustaining, I mean able to survive without dependency on their system. Our asset- and their enemy in this case- are local farms, food co-ops/CSAs, and access to land to grow our own food.

When it comes to land, thanks to their rampant poisoning of the water, land and skies, you might find land, but is the soil good? Is the water contaminated? Always check on that before you settle anywhere or purchase anything. This is something that when working in a group, is much easier to cast multiple nets and scout more areas to find space you can build and harvest on.

Regarding local farms or CSAs- build relationships with them, find out if you can help/volunteer, know their situation and how long they’ll be able to operate for. Are they already receiving “requests” from the government to destroy their crops or are they okay for now?

Now the shortage on baby formula: Remember those nanotech vaccines they’ve developed for food in “vertical farming” in cities?

Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, and other billionaires have all been investing in a company called BIOMILQ for this. They create it from human mammary gland epithelial cells, meaning cells from a human breast. Where do they obtain these cells for their innovations? Surgical discard materials - whether normal or cancerous. I wouldn’t be surprised if they obtained it in other ways too- pretty sure you can figure that one out. Here’s one of many articles, published in June 2020:

What do you think is in that artificial breastmilk? The shortage is to create a swap-out. That artificial milk is likely going to have the same nanotech mRNA vaccines in it that they’re injecting your produce and meat with in the vertical farms. I would encourage people to do more research on this if you have doubts, but it's no secret that the majority of food in grocery stores has long been loaded with poisonous ingredients, they're just upping the game with what they've developed for vertical farms.

Ultimately, collapsing society and herding the cattle (us) into their respective places in the eyes of the elite has been the plan for hundreds of years. See info in my telegram regarding the British Empire and The City of London. There’s so much to focus on in the world- but we can’t live without food and water. We have to make sure we dial this in now. We’re not going to get any more of a warning.

Share resources. Don’t be a cold hearted asshole or view people as a means to an end. Relationships and communities are the real wealth, that is what your survival depends on. It's also what makes life worth living- true open hearted connection is a beauty unmatched. It’s so easy to go on autopilot and stay consumed in your own world. That mentality was programmed into us by design, and it will cost people their lives. Now is NOT the time to slip. Get egos out of the way and start connecting. The only way out is through, but you cannot go it alone. None of us can.

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