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Highway Hotel Vlog - Before The Self Reliance Festival

Vlog from my hotel room off the highway- a check-in before the Self-Reliance Festival, put on by Living Free in Tennessee (Nicole Sauce) at the Special Operations Equipment facility in Camden, which kicks off tomorrow morning.


I get into why I'm doing what I'm doing and what this event is about. This is my first time using Streamyard so excuse any weirdness quality wise, I did not edit this video, just a one and done. I'll vlog through the whole trip and share whatever resources I gain.


To learn more about SRF, visit and check out their agenda to see what we'll be up to. This is for those who want to exit (or already have exited) the matrix. This is for the ones who want to live a better life, opt out of the current collapsing system, and build something new. This is for those who have no idea what the fuck to do, but know they have to do something.


For links to my telegram, music, blog, and all other channels, go to

To subscribe to my email list incase any of my channels go down (I normally don't post vlogs to Youtube, this'll be a first--we'll see if any weirdness happens, I've had censorship wars with them last an entire year before over one video) CLICK BELOW 👇

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