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Hidden In Plain Sight: Comb Dagger Blades (Non Permissive Environment Tools - NPE)

I had to age restrict the video because it is something you need to be above 18 years of age to purchase. If it doesn't show up for you in the blog, just click the "watch on youtube" link and it'll take you to the video. Here's the intel, and I'll include images at the bottom as well:

Who this is good for: (read to the bottom as there are other products/deals available that I did not cover in this video)


---Uber/Lyft/Taxi Drivers

(You can’t have a conventional weapon out in the open, it’ll bug your passengers out and you’ll get axed from the company. But you can have a comb for your hair on the dash, just in case you happen to pick up someone who tries to rob, attack or rape you. Again, especially good if you are a female driver. You never know who is sitting in your backseat.)

---People in any environment where they are not able to carry conventional weapons. Disclaimer: Do not break the law and try to bring this on a plane, court house, a prison visit or any weird shit like that. We’re keeping this lawful and legal alright! Think more like a taxi, a bus, a parking lot, a grocery store while you shop and mind your business, or your own home if you don’t want whoever is in your home to know there’s something within your reach. There are many scenarios where this applies.

---Your place of employment. This could even be something you keep on your desk at an office job. “Weapon free zone” signs do not deter homicidal lunatics.

-People who live in cities/states where they are not allowed to own weapons

-People who have a criminal record that prevents them from owning weapons (but are now LAW ABIDING citizens obviously right fam?) You can’t get pulled over with a conventional weapon, but nobody’s gonna trip if they see a hairbrush in your car while they’re writing you a ticket or whatever you got pulled over for.

---Literally anyone anywhere. Maybe its a first date and you don’t know the person well and would feel more comfortable having this out in the open, just incase the individual turns on you and tries to assault you, maybe the person driving you home just passed your house and you need to play dumb and buy yourself time - start brushing your hair and playfully ask where you are being taken- if the threat escalates, you have something in your hand without alerting the attacker, if it doesn't escalate and they just missed the turn, good, put it back in your purse and you didn't have to pull a conventional weapon and create a bad situation that otherwise wouldn't have happened.

These are for self defense ONLY. These are not meant for people who want to harm others. This is something to add to your collection of self defense tools as a “hidden in plain sight” advantage to YOU.

If you are a person who has been sexually assaulted then I don’t need to explain further, just stop the rapist/molester and get away from them.

This is NOT meant to be used to settle an argument or harm someone who isn’t posing a threat to your life/body. Do not do anything that you are not sure you can win a self defense case in court with. Keep out of reach of children.

If you want one, I only have a few ready right now, so email and I will ship it to you. These are cheap AF. I’m selling them for $10 but shipping costs are expensive right now and I’m not amazon, the cheapest rates I can find through USPS (UPS and Fed Ex are more expensive) range between $8 and $10, shipping rates fluctuate by day. If you live near me I can meet you and give it to you for $10, but if it requires shipping, the price would be between $18 and $20 to cover that cost. Available in pink and black. If you decide you don’t like it, you get a full refund, just ship the product back to me.

Images and other products/deals below:

Other products:

EMP Shield: Protect your car, home, generators, RVs, solar devices and more from EMPs, CMEs, Lightning strikes, solar flares and power surges at this link and get $50 off your price at checkout:

(Coupon Code: Tesstamona - although if you use that link, the discount auto applies at checkout.) EMP Shield is the world's only US Military Certified EMP Shield.

Self Reliance Festival Speaker Tapes: Get the intel from world renowned experts in survivalism, tactical operations, permaculture, food production, underground networking, community building, entrepreneurship, homesteading/off grid living, alternative health/diet, preparedness and more at this link:

New merch (clothing, coffee cups, phone cases, wall flags, stickers, etc.) available at

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Business inquiries for music or affiliate partnerships: or go to my website and submit a message through the contact page. You can also DM me on any of my social media platforms, quickest way to get ahold of me is through instagram or telegram.

NEW MUSIC DROPPING IN AUGUST BTW 💜 Working on some visuals now.

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