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EMP Shield - What It Is, And How You Can Get It (Discount Code Inside).

EMP Shield. If you watched my recap of the Self Reliance Fest, you already know I have one in my vehicle. If you don’t know what an EMP is, comment below and I’ll make a video explaining an Electro Magnetic Pulse and where it comes from. (There is a reason why I’m telling you this so bare with me):

In short, it can range from Coronal Mass Ejections (solar flares/CMEs), power surges, lightning strikes, (I live in the south, we have lightning storms weekly, I’ve seen plenty bolts hit the ground while driving), to something more sinister, like SoMeOnE launching a weapon and detonating it in the sky, AKA a high altitude detonation.

The reason for the latter is to leave the earth’s natural resources intact but completely destabilize the population by wiping out their electrical grid/internet/communications- that includes water, transportation ground and air, communications, plumbing, water treatment plants, power plants, vehicles, computers, phones, you get it.

If anyone’s read the book “Lights Out” and what would happen if this country lost power for an extended period of time, you know the implications of that. It’s a kill shot for 90% of the population. That is a legitimate act of war that, whether foreign or a false flag op, would not surprise me if it happened.

Now lets get to the point, because I am writing this to give you a discount on an EMP shield from the same people I got mine from, because as of yesterday I am now a contract affiliate with the company, and I’m trying to hook as many people as possible up, the same way I was hooked up when I got mine at a discounted price at the Self Reliance Festival.

(If you'd rather just click the link and skip on reading the backstory I'm about to dish out, here's the link: - the $50 discount will be auto applied at checkout. If you ever lose the link and go straight through the emp shield website, use coupon code tesstamona at checkout and you'll still get $50 off.)

EMP Shield is a veteran owned company here in the US. I met these guys at SRF, and one of the founders installed my EMP shield for me (its really easy, but I’m not a car person, so he offered lol) and I’ll never forget what he said to me the last day of the festival. I asked him how much he knew in regards to the likelihood of us dealing with an EMP in the near future. He told me that was a conversation meant to have away from phones. When he left he looked back and said, “I really hope you never have to use that EMP shield.” It was the look in his eyes that stuck with me more than what he said. This is a military veteran with more intel than I could ever have access to as a civilian. But with the research I have done, I know enough to have bought a fucking EMP shield.

Fast forward to last week-

When I did a livestream with Perma Pastures Farm, Operation Kill The Mockingbirds and VanTesla Music, (available on my YouTube channel now for replay) turns out one of the founders from EMP Shield was watching. EMPs and EMP Shields got brought up in the livestream conversation. (Billy from Perma Pastures is friends with these guys- he’s a veteran too.) Next thing you know, I’m on the phone with both founders in regards to this device. They offered me an opportunity, and if you know me you know that next to music, preparedness and getting intel to the people and making sure they are taken care of is what I live for.

So I am now blessed to be an affiliate of EMP Shield. If ANYONE wants an EMP shield, use this link to get a discounted price:

If you ever lose the link, just go to the EMP shield website and use the code Tesstamona (not case sensitive) at checkout to apply the coupon and get $50 off your price.

I’m a gig worker, not a high earning person, and I was able to buy one for my car. Households and warehouses, different story, but I’ll be there soon. Check out some testimonies, do whatever research you want. I met some guys at SRF that were not affiliated with EMP Shield, but have them in their homes/cars, and one of their houses got hit by lightning and they didn’t lose power because they had the Shield. It’ll fry the shield once it takes a hit like that for sure, but the dope thing? EMP Shield will replace it for free if/when it takes a hit (essentially doing its job, its either that or your house/car takes the hit).

Another thing to add, this is the worlds only EMP Shield that has passed all Military certified testing for efficacy. It passed not only the Keystone Compliance test but the Intertek at Edison Testing Laboratories / UL STD 1449 as well.)

We are already in a slow cooking SHTF scenario, some see it and some don’t, but when the levy breaks, I need my car to work, so that’s why I got my vehicle secured first. For those of you who plan on bugging in and not out, you need your power, and I’d imagine all the electronics within it to not be completely fried. EMPs are not power outages, they’re power surges, and they kill electronics. The grid could come back online but your electronics will still be dead. So if one were to hit and your car didn’t have an EMP shield, you don’t have a car anymore. It’s not because the battery got fried, batteries are easy to replace. It’s because the chip is now dead. Guess what we’ve had shortages of for years and have had car manufacturers buying up used cars like crazy for? Vehicle computer chips. You will literally have to buy a new car, and if we’re in a SHTF scenario, you won’t have that option, so I hope you are prepped to the max for any scenario, in a secured location where you are producing your own food, providing your own security and filtering your own water and providing your own power independent from the grid. If not, this is something I believe in having to make yourself more resilient for what lies ahead. It’s just one more thing to not have to worry about, and I damn sure am not having my getaway vehicle (I speak from personal experience- you will need to get away from population dense areas) be at that degree of vulnerability.

I stand by this 100%, I wouldn’t take the time to be involved with it while doing everything else I do if I didn’t, so I hope you take advantage of the $50 discount and at the very least get one for your car. If you got the resources, definitely your home- if you plan on staying put.

Hang tight but stay in action, even if you don’t buy an EMP shield I hope you’re doing at least one thing every day to increase your resilience- we will all reap what we sew, and if you aren’t sewing, thats an endgame scenario for you. The government isn’t coming to save anyone. That’s literally the whole point- they can’t have their “great reset” without a reset- meaning the etch-a-sketch has to be wiped clean first. Think about restarting your computer or back in the day when you hit the reset button on a Nintendo if you had one, everything has to shut down and go dark before it reboots. Now is not the time to be complacent, and I see way too many people being slow right now because they don’t like how disturbing or stressful it is to think about these scenarios. I promise you this, it’ll be a lot more “disturbing” being unprepared and in the situation, than having the current luxury of just thinking about it (and slowly watching it increase by the day if you’re paying attention). You relieve stress when you get into action.

Last point I’ll make, it’s also not just about us as individuals. Not everyone is going to prepare- many are still in la la land. if you’re prepared, you can save lives. If you’ve got nothing, you’ll be in the panic hive, and I promise you, no one is your friend in the panic hive. Speaking from experience, it’s fucking terrifying, and I’m not about to do that again. I didn’t move fast enough last time, I was stubborn, I kept thinking things would go back to normal, and for those of you who know my story, you know what happened. If I wouldn’t have dipped out the second that I finally did, I wouldn’t be here typing this to you. I’ll leave it at that.

EMP Shield discount link: (discount will display when you go to check out)

Or visit and browse around, if you decide on it, use coupon code “tesstamona” at checkout. Much love.

For those of you who will be getting it on your vehicles, here's an example installation video. This was one of the many police squad cars they've been contracted to install them on- most military and police vehicles have EMP shields, there is a reason for that.

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