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Canada Freedom Convoy 2022- How It Started, Where It's At, and WHY..

I decided to take over three weeks of footage from protestors, truckers, anyone involved in the protest in Canada and piece things together- why? Because I want people to see what I'm seeing. I already know where to find information, who is on the ground, and what the purpose is. I know the pain beneath it all, a necessity for something of this magnitude to be organized in the first place. I'm not writing this for me or to push my beliefs or experiences.

I'm writing it because I am blown away by the amount of disgust, contempt prior to investigation (other than clickbait headlines from divisive circus media outlets,) judgment, a total unwillingness to give a shit about another human being crying out for help. It's interesting how selective the masses seem to be when it comes to human rights issues and who is deserving of them. Or rather, what rights are socially acceptable to ask for, because this affects people from every walk of life.

Before I go off on too much of a tangent, I'll just say this before I show you the video I made, then we'll dive a little deeper. I made this because I want to make sure that however you choose to perceive this situation, the people on the ground, and the people worldwide who have lost everything and suffered immensely due to these mandates and lockdowns, are actually heard. Let your heart and mind be exposed to their voices-not the filtered garbage and smear campaigns by politicians, government/corporate media, or spectators in the nosebleeds who couldn't be more tone deaf if they severed their ears. No, I want you to hear it from the protestors themselves. I want you to see them. I want you to see how they act. I want you to hear the interview between one of the convoy organizers and Jordan Peterson, where he quickly and simply explains why they are doing this, and what the two requests of theirs are that they want to discuss with their elected Prime Minister...

Unfortunately, as soon as the convoy arrived in Ottawa, with over 50,000 truckers and well over 1 million protestors, (all PEACEFUL, the only complaints were that they were loud because they were dancing in the street and honking horns. The horns, cool, I get its a temporary inconvenience. God forbid people who have been hopeless and locked down for over two years experience joy in the streets though!) Prime Minister Trudeau did not meet with the convoy leaders. He ran. He literally fled the city, then he issued a statement saying he had covid, and then invoked the National Emergencies Act and sent the military after the protestors.

We also have Joe Biden to thank for that, as it was his suggestion. I'll let you watch the video. I want you to see whats happening now. It is February 21st, I don't know where things will be tomorrow or even tonight, but things are escalating quickly so I had to do something. After I show you what's happening now, I back up and show you how it started, who is part of it, how they feel, how they demonstrate, what its truly like- and then I show you the interview between the convoy organizer and JP. Then, of course, I've got my own two cents to throw in. Here's the video... just let it be known: this should not be a political issue- AT ALL. This is a HUMAN RIGHTS issue. The fact that there are so many people going as far as wishing death on these people for advocating for sovereignty over their own body, and labeling them as terrorists, just shows me that the dehumanization process amongst opposing sides in society has already begun. This is extremely dangerous, as dehumanizing the "others" is a real quick path to war and genocide. Alright, I'll stop writing and you can just watch now 😂

I don't know what happens next, but there's talk of a US Convoy happening in early March. I will admit, I'm a bit disappointed by the American, supposed rebellious and frreedom loving folks, response has been to this. I know people aren't happy, so where the hell have we been at? Why wait until March? I'll believe it when I see it. However, I know that in order to get Biden to do away with the V mandates... well thats likely not going to happen. He answers to people too. And even if he did, we'd still have to deal with all the state governors, most if not all who have been receiving cash donations from Pfizer throughout this whole deal. If you really want to get an idea of how many people are involved and vested in what's going on, look into what happened at the World Economic Forum at Davos, Switzerland in October of 2019. Operation 201. They ran a simulation of a global pandemic, how to roll out a mass vaccination campaign, how to silence political dissent on the internet/social media, the works. They ran through that exercise 6 months before Covid had made its "official" arrival and we locked down. People used to say anyone having foreknowledge of Covid was a conspiracy theorist. Now you can find it on official websites with a google search. The sickening thing is that some people are so MK Ultra'd out that they can literally be told and shown that, and still cling to the old lie that not even the people who created it are hiding. Fear does strange things to a person.


I suggest reading the Art of War by Sun Tzu, and to read or watch “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich”, because it is important to know history, as it is repeating itself. You might not think so, but these people are masters of playing the long game, and we, at least in America, are addicted to instant gratification- they are playing chess while we wipe the sleep out of our eyes and play checkers. I trust that Canadians will not give up, but they need more solidarity outside of their borders. America… when’s our convoy start and where?


This is a human rights issue about freedom of choice- do not let anyone sway you into making it about politics, religion, race, or any other tool that has been used to divide humanity for thousands of years. Either we put a stop to that, or it puts a stop to us.


We are all here for a reason, at this time, at this place. Its time to wake up to that purpose, do not look away. The first step is to pay attention. When moving toward unity… seek to understand, rather than to be understood, when dealing with people your TV has told you are the enemy. No civilian is your enemy. Deception is the most powerful weapon of war, bullets are not needed when that is in full swing. The reality is this: No society is truly free, if the only “free” people are the ones who are in full compliance with what the ruling class says they need to do. In that case, freedom is an illusion, and can and will be ripped from you at a seconds notice. (In a free world…. there is no ruling class 😉) To not be free and not have full rights, not for breaking a law, but for not wanting to, or having the ability to, take a certain pharmaceutical product…that is not the same thing as a society who also has a jail where people who commit crimes go- I can already hear someone stewing that rebuttal in their head.


I hope this helped someone who wasn’t aware or had the wrong idea see the situation differently, and also understand this is affecting people all over the world, and it is not going away. Ignoring it will only make it worse. Never think you are immune to what they are now facing from their own government. Especially if you live in America, being that our President is who advised Trudeau to make that decision, instead of sitting down and speaking with the people who elected him and pay his salary, and as truckers, quite literally put food on his table.


This is world wide. The government is not your friend. If we cannot unite, there is no hope. The time is now, and it won’t be easy, but all you need is willingness, and we can change this road we are headed down. History does not need to repeat itself if we PAY ATTENTION- the same tricks are being used. The choice is ours- what kind of future, if any, do we want for the human race? Hatred and ignorance only lead to war and death.


I vote we try something different. I vote for unity, and sovereignty, and I don’t need a politician to cast that vote toward, there is no savior for the people amongst the ruling class. We have to save ourselves. If you are someone who has not been affected by these mandates, haven’t experienced losing everything in the last two years, consider yourself lucky, but do not think that you’ll be immune to experiencing that down the line with the way things are going. Please hear this call now, before it is too late. Stand with Canada, bridge the gap if relations with you and loved ones have been severed over the mass campaign of division brought to you by your government/media, seek to understand when you do not, because trust me, we all want to go back to our lives. We don’t want to do this, but we have no choice. If a society only allows some people to be free, then freedom itself in that society is an illusion.


No one is free until everyone is free- free to work, free to go to school, free to enter public buildings, free to participate in society, free to socialize without segregation of medical status, free to cross borders and travel the earth that is home to all of mankind, the list goes on. Enough is enough. We are not anti-vx. We are anti-mandate. Or rather, pro-choice. Simple as that. We are all better than this. Its time for us to start giving a shit about each other, even if we are in different situations or have different beliefs. At our core being, whether you like it or not, the human race is all connected. It’s time we remember who we are.

Thank you for reading. If you want to connect with me, you can visit my contact tab, my home page, or visit this link where allllll of my links are right below. XO

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