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A Word of Caution in Interpreting Current Events in the Age of Spin..

The greatest weapon in war is deception, and we are all being hit with a hurricane of propaganda. Please slow down, breathe, and please stop sharing fake footage/images (or ones you haven't verified to be true) if you’re doing that. Secondly, ask yourself THIS:

Yes, there is a real conflict going on overseas (There are multiple wars happening on the planet right now, but we are currently only being fed the story of one of them, Russia and Ukraine, so that’s what I’m referring to in this post.) Ask yourself why there is so much propaganda being shared as “coverage“ of the war over there, when there is an actual real war they could use real footage of? Why are we being shown photographs we are told are from now— but are later proven to be from a gas explosion in 2018? Why are we seeing pictures of the president “on the front line currently” when that was a photo op he did when he visited troops in January? I’ve even seen people share clips of the invasion that were later proven to be from a video game. The list goes on.

And to the people who are claiming this is ALL fake and nothing is happening over there- I know that not to be true, as I know people in both countries. The narrative of the conflict we're being fed by our media is bullshit, but war is happening regardless.

We are being driven by emotion and hysteria. There are many well intentioned people who want to share what’s going on when they see something on social media, but there’s so much bad information out there that you really can’t do that anymore, you need to know where it came from first.

I have tons of footage that I don’t post because I cannot verify who shot the footage, I cannot verify their location, I can’t even verify that it’s something that happened three days ago, or some shit that took place a few years ago. If I can’t verify any of that, I’m not sharing it.

This is making everybody a neurotic mess. I’m not saying that we should not care, I’m saying this is not a good state for our collective psyche to be in, as we cannot be helpful to anyone like this, and this makes us vulnerable to external (and internal) manipulation. We gotta slow down and observe for a minute. If you're feeling overwhelmed, tend to your wellbeing first. The clearing of the mind is a necessity if you're going to attempt to navigate these waters.

There are a lot of things that people should be paying attention to that are largely dismissed or shrugged off. I can make a blog discussing all of those things, which I will when I have time- it's gonna be a long one, as I'm going to have to include every source to back up everything I say, which is a lot. However, I still can’t tell you I have the answers, I don’t- they’re just things to consider/be aware of. I’m not on the ground, nor do I have some high intelligence security clearance.

But if I can research and learn world history, if I can do some digging and find credible information that might make some possible sense as to why this is going on, (heavy emphasis on possible), then so can you. If you don’t want to start back in the 30s, start in 2014- a very significant year for Ukraine that the US/NATO had heavy involvement in. But I’m not saying that’s THE reason, or the ONLY reason.

Another thing to be aware of, is that most people we see posting the most on the situation with Ukraine and Russia are not even there. But even if we were, look at how much we all know about our own country. I’m amazed at how many people don’t even know the three different branches of government, stunned by how many people didn’t know what NATO was before this, (or still don’t), how many people don’t know what the WEF/World Economic Forum is, the list goes on. Understanding NATO, the WEF, and various national alliances/deals made in the aftermath of WWII is critical to putting this situation into some form of context.

Lastly, we cannot expect people in the countries where these wars are happening to have all of the answers either, because those countries have their own media/propaganda machines as well. Their leaders lie to them too. They'll have a different perspective for sure, and one we should absolutely listen to, but this conflict is something that goes back decades, and there are so many other factors at play on top of Russia vs Ukraine. Foreign meddling to throw gas on the fire/exploit the situation for various reasons is a huge issue here, and again, not the only one. Thats what can make this process so maddening, along with the fact that if your humanity is still intact, it breaks anyones heart to know people are being killed, so of course we're going to have emotions running high.

We do not even know what the fuck our own government is truly up to, we are lied to constantly. If you think you have all the answers, you are probably further from the truth than someone who knows nothing at all. We need to slow down right now. We need clarity, and soundness of mind, or all we're doing is making this worse for everyone, and we're certainly not doing anything to end conflict overseas- we can't even manage to agree (or *respectfully* disagree) on anything here at home.

Tread lightly, when you’re lost, be still, when things aren’t clear, don’t charge into the fog. Be still. That’s it for today.

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