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41 Songs - Day 1

41 SONGS AND I AM VLOGGING IT ALL. More info below the video, please subscribe to my YouTube channel as I will not be sending out blogs or emails beyond this in regards to this process!

If you are subscribed to my music telegram I’ll be sharing it there too, but not the red pill telegram cuz thats for other things haha.


Today I filmed parts of the whole process from warmups to the beat to the setup and a snippet of the recording, then a debrief at the end where I get into some shiiiiiiit…


Had an interesting “mess up” where normally if I gave a shit, I’d have redone the vlog or edited that part out, but I kept it in there and it worked.. I had one of those weird ass realizations mid recording. Definitely had to get into the Sagittarius full moon energy and how thats manifesting for me- IDK ur timezone but its officially at its peak full tomorrow morning at 6:52 AM Central time… so calculate for wherever you’re at. 4:52 PST and 7:52 EST if you’re in the US… but the energy is with us for sure all day, and it’ll linger until it fucks off and jumps into Capricorn on Tuesday lol. Alright g’night you beautiful bastards. For all things music, telegram, socials, merch, etc. visit 💜

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