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Wild life reflections and deep introspection are what you can expect from the messages in Tesstamona's music, a singer, rapper and songwriter in the Dark Trap, LoFi and Blues genres. She is also the author of The Great Silencing, a blog researching and disclosing her findings within her own shadow and the corruption in the world. It is not intended for a general audience however, due to the controversial topics she explores.  


Tesstamona began making music in her early 20s when she recovered from a Heroin addiction. She had never sang before but had always been a poet/songwriter, and made herself a deal: if she could make it to 90 days clean and not relapse and die, she'd try singing and performing. She succeeded, and has now been singing, performing, and sober for over a decade. 

In efforts to dodge "old connections" or risking anyone having control over her music, she learned how to run a small studio setup in her apartment, using closets or corners of rooms as recording spaces, with anything from foam to towels for sound proofing.

She began releasing hip hop tracks and performing in her home town. However, this came to a brief halt as she became entangled in a string of abusive relationships and a significant mental health crisis. In 2017, after seeking help, she recommitted herself to music, and in 2019 moved to LA to further pursue her dream.

Since 2019? LA was a dream come true filled with incredible shows, connections and opportunities, but we all know what happened in 2020, and some people's lives were a bit more thrown off by it than others. See Tesstamona's track "Quarantine Blues" for the tip of the iceberg of what happened. She is now back in the Pacific Northwest, with eyes set next on Nashville. 

Tesstamona is currently working on her debut EP, Lone Survivor, as well as furthering her writing publication and starting a podcast. 

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